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The intention of these posts are to create a resource for inquiring students, so we'll approach it a little differently than we would a normal discussion.

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  • Members are invited and encouraged to post their favorite quotes along with links to websites for further reading. If the quote is long (i.e. an entire chapter of a book), please select a couple sentences that stand out and then provide a link to the full chapter online (or if the book is not available online, please provide the title and author name). Anonymous quotes will be deleted, so be sure to source your info...
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The main idea here is that when you come across something while reading and think to yourself: "wow, what a beautiful description of such and such!", you can come here and post the quote and/or link so that we may all share in the discovery! As this resource builds, when we say to ourselves: "Oh, now where did I hear that quote again? I know it was somewhere!?", we can come to Theosophy.Net, run a quick search, and viola! find the quote/link we were looking for!



Here we will post quotes, thoughts and links on the concept of Evolution - whether from the physical sciences, from metaphysical or religious sources, or alternative theories.

I hope everyone will feel free to add to this ongoing resource. Don't be shy... share away! This is a "no debate zone". :)

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"by estimating the relevant quantities in a way that is certain to overestimate the final result. Consider the entropy difference between two systems: Earth as it is at present, and a hypothetical Dead-Earth on which life never evolved. We will assume that Dead-Earth and Earth are identical, except that every atom in Earth’s biomass is located in Dead-Earth’s atmosphere in its simplest molecular form. When considering the entropy of Earth, we will assign zero entropy to the biomass. That is, we will imagine that to turn Dead-Earth into Earth, it is necessary to pluck every atom required for the biomass from the atmosphere and place it into its exact present-day quantum state. These assumptions maximize the entropy of Dead-Earth and minimize that of Earth, so the difference between the two entropies grossly overestimates the required entropy reduction for the production of life in its present form..."
"...we find that the second law [of Thermodynamics], is satisfied as long as the time required for life to evolve on Earth is at least [...]  ~ t = 10,000,000 sec.,  or less than a year. Life on Earth took four billion years to evolve, so the second law of thermodynamics is safe."

"Evolution and the second law of thermodynamics"
Emory F. Bunn

As part of our human evolutionary process, we pass through a period of three races which I refer to as the ascension (5th-7th). The first three human races likely coincide with an emanation as described above for humans, but simultaneously an ascension for e. animals. The creates an overlap so that while emanation is occurring for one kingdom and their angels, there is an ascension occurring for the other kingdom and its angels which are already existing in physical forms.

First, there is the new kingdom (girasas) to introduce. Second, there is a new process of involution that is widely unknown and unaccepted by science. With the e. animal (evolving animal) ascended at the end of the human 3rd race, what we have left on earth with us is a menagerie of involving lives - angels using the forms of all nature except human. When evolving animals are on the earth, some of the involving animals that humans bring with them may begin to occupy different forms that exist beyond the e. animal’s ability to manage.

This type of involving life can be recognized and appreciated, helping them to progress in the opposite direction to evolution due to their different nature. While we don't know much about involution or how the different types of angels relate to each other, we do know that this type of life progresses by obedience. They use the forms and then move lower. They move lower when they are transferred from one kingdom, such as the human, to the lower kingdom. After existing with humans, the evolving kingdom that they reside with and have to command them is an animal kingdom. There also may be commands from other evolving kingdoms that are not in form on the globe they occupy, but it is a question for further research.

I don't find much information on the subject of receiving the girasas kingdom, working with the girasas kingdom, delighting the girasas kingdom, loving the girasas kingdom, and eventually parting with them during the 7th race. I had no idea after studying theosophy for years that a higher kingdom was capable of this sort of thing, even though the 2nd race is spelled out to us as half human- half animal. Since no mention is made of a higher kingdom (that would be the 8th in number), I am assuming much that I have thought with regard to it. I am assuming, for instance, that a higher kingdom is not confined to living on a globe chain through a period of 7 rounds. I am assuming that they are only needed for the human ascension and then are free to return to their business as a higher kingdom, doing whatever it is they do. The forms do not hold them as they do humans, animals, etc.

Since the ascension process is not even mentioned as an essential part to evolution, I am somewhat at a loss as to how to best engage in this phase of evolution. webpage


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