I am being drawn to theosophy because of it's past believers and creators. I sense their experience and wisdom which I cannot explain fully to anothers satisfaction, yet I still am drawn. They seem to have found a peace that is drawn to us. They have deeper meaning within themselves from there experiences with theosophy. There are mysteries within the world and complex knowledge.

But there action lives on in them to us who believe and are drawn. They seem to say, we in the future can also find peace of mind body and spirit from there words and experiences. Theosophy to me to is too (draw out) the mysteries of the darkness of mysteries and bring it into the light of understanding for our enlightenment of truth, bringing us peace in spirit and knowledge. Paul

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Paul ,

   Every spark of experience has t be transmuted into peace and calm - the ultimate that is to be aimed for is equanimity backed by a wall of peace and calm internally so wide as the space and deeper than the deepest oceans . It is the depth in man .This is the ideal  and the attainment nothing else matters .

Excellent piece again. Thank you. Paul


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