This is directed primarily at some of our members who may be in Egypt now, but all others are free to comment.

As we understand here in the US, the Egyptian military ousted the current president, from the Muslim Brotherhood Party, Mohamed Morsi and have replaced him with the current leader of the Constitutional Court.

Is there any story that we're not hearing in the West (conspiracies / UFO's / Art Bell stuff excluded)?

What is your sense of where this is going?

Just a reminder.  Please don't say anything that will get you in trouble.  We want to know, but not at risk to you or your family.

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The story that I hear is that Egypt, by throwing out the President belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood has rejected Al-Qaeda and set a trend in the Islamic world. Syria is fighting Al-Qaeda desperately. It is bound to help them.

Christians in Egypt can breathe easy since they will be safer now. Muslim Brotherhood goons, after coming into power, attacked and burned several churches, killed many Christians.


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