Drawn to the mysteries within the bible and the Kabbalah.


  I am for some reason am being drawn to the mysteries of the bible and the Kabbalah. Why does God embed mysteries in them? Does not one truth cancel all other truths. To many truths cancels out the original truth. One truth seems to answer all other truths which can get in the way of believing just one truth.

   The original truth from God Satan changed into a lie. Making Adam and Eve believe differently what they thought God said. So I now sense the bible (kjv) that the scripture is literally true spiritually is believed! But if questioned not believed. Everything comes down to belief and faith! Faith comes by believing and vice versa. 

    It would seem God gives us the benefit of the doubt because he can read our heart. Even tho the bible cannot be read secularly it can be read spiritually with belief. Satan took Gods truth and changed it into human desires before Adam and Eve believed his lies. 

    I now see Satan's thoughts for mankind. There's indeed a war between spiritual and worldly gain. Paul  

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I'm doing a bit of research in the Kabbalah too, it is pretty different from the stuff that I grew up with but I'm being drawn to some of the teachings as well.. 

In the Resources Tab under Miscellaneous Documents, I added a graphic for the Tree of Life. You have to download it to see the picture correctly. It has a lot of information in it. Associated Angels with each Sephirah etc.

Also - if you click on the picture, it will open in a new screen at full resolution.

I am working on the interface. (needs to be a bit better).


I just got it set to download or open only (cleaner way to do it)

It will open in your local picture manager (or default). From that, you can increase size and view as you wish.


Ooh nice, that's about the best looking graphic I've seen for it.. will save that for sure :) Thank you much!


I don't believe what we call "God" hides anything. I think it is we that obscure our understanding through excuses and justifications.

I have looked into the abyss that exist within me. That seemingly bottomless pit of darkness and fear. I have walked to the edge of this pit, and flung myself into it. A fitting end for one such as myself. "God" caught me and returned me gently to the edge, and said to me. "Very good, Now go find me out there".
I went first to my son. Upon finding "God" within him, in "the joyfulness of a child discovering new abilities", I ran back to the edge of that abyss, prepared to shout what I had found down into the darkness. Before I could utter a word I saw in that dark place a patch of light. A little patch of light that is "the joyfulness of a child discovering new abilities" that already lived within me.
It was then that I understood that that abyss was full of darkness and fear because of my choices. I had put it there. That through my choices I had (for some reason) disguised (by my perceptions) that which is "God" and lives within me.

I am not sure why Paul addressed me in the post. However, one assumption he seemed to follow was that the Bible was the Literal word of God. I believe that the Bible must be looked at from an esoteric side and that the Literal/exoteric side will make little sense.

I believe that was the original context.

My apologies, I don't know why I addressed John. I should have addressed Paul

Not a problem at all <g>.

I basically agree with you. However, we usually are dealing with words written by humans (supposedly of good intent and somewhat enlightened) and there seems to be a tradition of writing to two audiences at once. One Esoterically and another Exoterically. That is where hidden is usually found.

I think Paul has left for a while to do some soul-searching (or other term), and will probably return later (I hope).

I would agree that messages or meaning are delivered in a manner that spans many levels of understanding (different audiences). I still disagree with the idea of hidden though. I am sure that we have all had experiences that delivered information at a certain level of understanding at the time of the experience, and on further review (as our understanding expanded) the same experience yielded more in-depth information over time. The in-depth information was there for us the whole time, I don't see it as being hidden, it just required a different perception or understanding to recognize it.

I feel this is how information works. There is power in the understanding of information, and as with everything having an equal potential for help as harm, without an understanding of the level of responsibility needed to not harm ourselves, we tend to overlook or not recognize the information we are not prepared to handle.

rather like a star or planet that is occulted; nothing is hidden - you're just standing in the wrong spot.

This is a good example

"rather like a star or planet that is occulted; nothing is hidden - you're just standing in the wrong spot"

I am not sure of your meaning of "occulted", but through context I can guess at a general meaning and agree. A more precise understanding of "occulted" may change the overall meaning of the message.

I assume you were not trying to obscure the message, so there was no active attempt to exclude me from understanding. Any misunderstanding would be a result of my limited perception or understanding.

nothing under the table here.

occult is an old Astronomy term (Astrology actually) for hidden. Something between you and the object you are viewing that blocks the light (usually temporarily). like: an occultation will occur between star xyz for 15 minutes while asteroid TUV passes in front of the star....   stuff like that.  Kinda a cool term. So...  Occult is a Science word.


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