Drawn to the mysteries within the bible and the Kabbalah.


  I am for some reason am being drawn to the mysteries of the bible and the Kabbalah. Why does God embed mysteries in them? Does not one truth cancel all other truths. To many truths cancels out the original truth. One truth seems to answer all other truths which can get in the way of believing just one truth.

   The original truth from God Satan changed into a lie. Making Adam and Eve believe differently what they thought God said. So I now sense the bible (kjv) that the scripture is literally true spiritually is believed! But if questioned not believed. Everything comes down to belief and faith! Faith comes by believing and vice versa. 

    It would seem God gives us the benefit of the doubt because he can read our heart. Even tho the bible cannot be read secularly it can be read spiritually with belief. Satan took Gods truth and changed it into human desires before Adam and Eve believed his lies. 

    I now see Satan's thoughts for mankind. There's indeed a war between spiritual and worldly gain. Paul  

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I just remembered...  Pink Floyd's album "The Dark Side of the Moon" has a song on it called "Eclipse". It is a rather heavy Occult song. One should listen again to the song if anyone failed to notice that. "Sun" is the illumination of Mind.

one of my favorites.

Anybody ever studied a bit of General Semantics?  It's something to do with words and perceptions and how we can't see the extent of our realities because there is something that can always be perceived beyond what we understand..  I was interested in seeing that it shared a bit of the 'veil' and Cli(Klee) idea in Kabalah.  Just a thought.

I had to look up "General Semantics."  (bad term kinda..  easy to confuse with other things).

It is a good point. It does look applicable here. Doesn't quite fit. Satan confused the issue, but G.S. would say it was an enhanced knowledge. Rather depends on perspective too much.

rather, the deeper truth would have to Satan's truth.   


I think one aspect of G.S. is that I seem to see a distinct arrow of time in their model. Does that (time) really exist in the Model of GS?

Somewhat, GS sees time as multi-dimensional, not sure as to set 'arrow' or linear...

and you're absolutely right, out of all the thinking Korzybski did in GS he forgot that people would confuse it for other things, but... maybe it was on purpose lol, when I first started studying GS I thought it had to do with speech and communication, verbal skills etc., then it started blowing my mind when I found out it was hiding a secret behind a name ;)


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