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This is an interesting view on something that many are looking forward to and many more are possibly afraid of. Imagine the possibilities, saying that word 'imagine' brings up a thought.  

Dr Michio Kaku brought up something in the video about an architect making a plan of a building and seeing it through his "glasses" and it caught my attention.  He went on to say that it would allow the architect to build something and see it built without it being built physically, and he would have ability to manipulate the image, and see it before him.  What intrigued me is not in what he said but of the possible implications.  In theosophy and western esotericism we see imagination is almost like a gateway to creation (just to put it simply).. It's the minds eye, the image or the mirror.

Imagination or the “mind’s eye” allows the esotericist to perceive the correspondences in living nature according to many western esotericists views.  The imagination allows the access to spiritual or non-physical truths. This is based on the idea that the imagination, rather than simply being a subjective aspect of a person’s mental processes, is a “kind of organ of the soul” (Faivre). Faivre beautifully illustrates this idea by saying that “the eye of fire pierces the bark of appearances to call forth significations, ‘rapports’ to render the invisible visible, the ‘mundus imaginalis’ to which the eyes of the flesh alone cannot provide access, and to retrieve there a treasure contributing to an enlargement of our prosaic vision” 

What if creating this singularity, erased or removed our ever diminishing imagination?  If we no longer have to use imagination will it wither?  In neuroscience and psychology we know that if you don't use it you lose it... that's just the way it works for some things and it also gets passed on through genetics.  Genetic memory lives and dies as it passes on through generations.

 Would it be a possibility that our imaginations would meet such a fate if we no longer had to use it?

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Imagination picks up where understanding falls off. If we are aware of something we have not developed an understanding of, we imagine what could be. The antithesis of imagination is knowledge. If we know something then we cease to imagine there may be more.

"if you don't use it you lose it" I do not think this is accurate. I agree we lose contact with it, but I think it is still there. If we stop exorcizing it, it grows weaker, eventually we would reach a point at which imaginations voice would be so soft we would have a hard time perceiving it.

If I were aware of, and understood all knowledge (information), what would be left to imagine?


A very interesting discussion. Thank You PS.

As Joe observes, consumption of energy is a key factor. My own wild speculation is that simply due to this factor, humans will need to give up their own physical bodies and exist as pieces of information. Hindus believe in millions of Gods. Perhaps the same thing happened to earlier versions of Humans or whatever they were called.

David Allen asks a very important question:

If I were aware of, and understood all knowledge (information), what would be left to imagine?

In a different way it was speculated upon by the noted mathematician Stephen Wolfram by suggesting that the focus of humanity's interest will shift from the future to the past. Wolfram's address can be read here and our own discussion on it here.

access to fact, even knowledge, doesn't appear to be anything unless it is understood. That takes intelligence, understanding, discrimination and a lot imagination.

in the 80's we felt that no stupid and unfounded ideas would last because the facts and information available would halt the ability for that type of thinking to hold water, so to speak. We now have just a lot more of it (it appears to me, anyway). Stupid gets stupider, ignorance begets even more ignorance.

I think B.F.Skinner said "Education is what is left over after you've forgotten all you were taught in school."  A rather good statement.

sorry - I see little room for any new changes, except an ease of current usage.

disconnect from the net and you may find an amoeba....   ?

My cat is interested though...  she (and he) understand imagination, and learn from experience.

my 0.02 cents.


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