Once one gets used to be conscious then one does not want to die, they want to keep going. The older I get the more I love to be awake and see the beauty in the world that I missed when I was younger. The word forever confuses me especially to live for ever (KJV). I wonder to search for inner peace and understanding could ease the tension of death.

To lived a righteous peaceful life and pass that own to our family and friends would be a beautiful gift of love from us to them. To understand our whats and whys  and our emotions and circumstances in our life while we are alive is a gift of peace. I have seen chaos and I have seen peace. "Blessed be the peacemakers for they will see God".

With that said, shouldn't we seek peace within our own self and pass that along as a gift to our family friends and all we meet every day? Paul

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Yes we should. The kingdom of God is (within) us! It is the Christ within us that needs to be awakened. Things in the world outside of us can be beautiful, but are a illusion. The world, just as the Bible,is allegoric. Remember the letter,or (literal) kills, but the spirit, gives life. To interpret the Bible as literal, or historical, misses the point. It is as all other ancient texts, even mythology, a allegory, or spiritual mystery to solve over many incarnations. 


The kingdom of God is within us (if we are saved). I can never believe my world outside of me is a illusion. You're saying the bible is just material words without any spiritual nature. Do you think God can speak to us in our own language. "God is a spirit and must be worshipped in spirit and truth" (KJV), or he would be just rabblings from the past? I understand ambigious stories or words but do you think it's possible that spiritual words from God in  the (kjv) which are spiritually can be written materially to man too be understood by man in his original language.

Like from spiritual to material and vice versa? I believe my mind is spiritual for I cannot see the words but I can hear them. Paul


I would ask you to read Michael Talbots book called (holographic universe). Everything has been proved,by science,to be a hologram. Which means it isn't real. Only our minds precieve it as reality.


 I have a serious problem believing that life and nature and the like is a hologram. I see and believe what I see. I've stumped my toe and felt the pain, so I am convinced (without a doubt) what I see and feel is reality and not a hologram. I will read his book and get back to you. I have been on drugs and have had a out of the body experience with God (without drugs).  Paul

Hi Shawn -

I started a discussion for Talbot's holographic approach. His science theory needs to be looked at. It needs its own discussion rather than a blind mentioning of it in threads on other topics. 


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