This is basically a Public Service Announcement :^)

Below is a link to "Celtic Evensong with Holy Communion"  offered by Saint Stephan's Episcopal Church in Richland, VA


"At 5:30 p.m. each Sunday evening, St. Stephen's offers a service of Celtic Evensong with Holy Communion. Our Celtic worship is drawn from the liturgical traditions of Iona and Northumbria, and the music at these services is contemplative, lively and haunting. The prayers are at once earthy, holy and inclusive. This service has been well received not only by St. Stephen's parishioners, but includes worshipers from other churches in the area, as well as those with little or no religious background. All are welcome at this service."

Celtic Evensong with Holy Communion

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The original post placed St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Richland VA

The post had the wrong city in VA. The actual Location is Richmond VA.


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