It's amazing what can happen when you have a couple free minutes in your head or are inspired by something that managed to creep in there...or for that matter, both.

Such is the speculation that arrived when reading Capt. Kumar's comments about the real issue being the software.

Spirituality is a result of self-awareness.  Whether it is something that results from contact with non-physical reality or is a condition brought on by physiological processes is not a debate here (this is a very old discussion).  However, what I wonder is how it would be possible for software to demonstrate spiritual types of awareness.  Could these states be transferred to people and vice/versa?

It would be quite interesting to hear from some of the coders on the site with their insights.

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Software is an interface that helps emotional, thinking humans to interact with non-emotional, non-thinking machines. The most sophisticated software boils down to 1's and 0's that a machine uses. Give a machine a .5 and it quits working, so machines are black and white.

It may be possible (through creative programing) for a person to mimic spiritual aspects in a program. I don't think this would make the machine or the program spiritual though.

As far as I am aware, programs can't make choices they were not programed (in some way) to make.

The development of Fuzzy Logic, allowed the programmers to assign the truth value of between 0 and 1 to any statement. This facilitated multitasking as chips with up to 36 gates were developed and Boolean logic was unable to cope with their programming.


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