This is very close to what I have been trying to describe.

Dr. Robert Lanza and Biocentrism

There are a few conclusions I disagree with, but just seeing it being discussed so close to what I see is exhilarating to me.

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The comments made on microtubules works nicely with the ORCH OR theory (link below)

"ORCH OR" Theory of Consciousness

I forgot to add that I see no reason for Multiverses. They seem unnecessary.

I had noticed that it referenced "ORCH OR", and was happy to see it.

I tip my hat to you.

I agree with you about multiverses (spell check doesn't even recognize The concept of multiverses is indicated by quantum mechanics. It is my opinion that we all create our own "universe" through our unique perspectives, and that this may be what quantum mechanics sees as well. We were just interpreting it the wrong way.

Just in case someone is interested

Dr. Lanza's Biocentrism part 2

I have only read the lead in text. I'll try to get to the videos!


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