We have a spirit and when we understand we have it our curiosity comes into view drawing God to us and vice versa. I now see where belief and faith come together. Being born in a physical  and secular word holds us back from any spiritual thoughts. What one sees feels tastes is their reality and all there is to this world. Trying to show another they have a special invisible part of them is extremely hard to show. 

I can see the transformation from being secular to spiritual being a radical transformation to the change itself. But now I understand that belief and faith are the keys to understanding the Gospel. Paul

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one thing to note is you do want a secular society that has the common humanistic beliefs of the world's religions. It is a sticky point when secular is demonized. Basically, a non secular government is a code word/phrase that means a single church/religion running the government. So, a non secular government is best.

when talking about individuals, I agree with you.   :)


   I will never find out when the races became non-God. In the beginning there was Adam and Eve and surely they taught their children about God. But somewhere whatever generation became estranged to God. It is written God put within us his existence yet some still will not believe he exists. There's a mystery there I cannot solve. The bible teaches us there is a spiritual mystery there but again some people close their minds and hearts to believing there's a God.

   I feel sad about those people because of what the bible states is going to happen to those who refuse to believe. I understand it's their free will choice (which is questioned as well). I now have thoughts about humanism and spiritualism accompanying the word secular. I am beginning to believe these words extract the word spiritual from these words. Paul


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