It seems that the Hierarchy has higher ups such as the Lord of Karma, Archangels, Kumaras etc. I am not very good in the details - maybe a Kumara is an Archangel but the fact is immensely fascinating that even an advanced being - an Archangel such as Lucifer could stumble and make a bad choice so horrendous. Or you perhaps do not believe the lore of Lucifer as the once custodian of Mother Earth....
You'd think that an Archangel is beyond faltering and making bad decisions...
What do you think?

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Thanks for all the responses, the hierarchy as I understand is the same as the Elder Brothers, from theosophy. 

 Yes, "brother" brings a different image than "Hierarch"... sometimes I call Joe "Hierarch of the site", so the Hierophant must surely be Anand. 


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