Typically astrology charts are shown in the same type of "wheel" configuration. What unique ways has anyone seen the presentation of astrological data (i.e. bar charts, scatter charts, 3d surfaces, Google Earth mapping, etc.).

Imagination involves looking at the old in fresh, new ways. Perhaps, this turn of the lock needs a digital code vs. a skeleton key.

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Ebertin's (Cosmobiology) mapping into 45, 90, 180 and 360 graphs is instructive for the relationships that are revealed through the planet's juxtapositions to each other.

Another step might be to find a way to highlight in a sorted array the juxtapositions of paired combinations (e.g..Venus-Mars), antithetical (e.g.. Venus-Saturn), and extraconventional (e.g. Venus-Pluto).  A parallel thought going through my head is Lacan's realms of the Imaginary, the Symbolic and the Real. Such an array sort would give some interesting insights into character that is accessible but not quite so obvious in the standard wheel configuration. I would imagine a gradated color coding to highlight the different areas.  But cacophonous accents contrasting a melodious background of sound would be a hoot.    


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