The astral umbilical cord versus the sutratma head thread


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 There are multifarious astral projection techniques available through which to conduct your personal OBE experimentation… Please carefully research and thusly experiment with as many different OBE manuscripts and methods for achieving astral projection as you possibly can before proceeding!

 Commentary on the Author’s personal OBE methodology: Over the years I have sought to further understand as well as to better explain what it is that metaphysically, physically and spiritually occurs during the initial stages of an out-of-body state of awareness, esp. in reference to my own astral and other paranormal experiences. Many of my personal accounts of astral projection parallel with extrapolations of astral phenomena in the Classic Theosophical lexicon.

 (Out-of-body phenomena) can occur naturally, without any effort, or such may be induced by intentional means. An out-of-body state can be accomplished as the result of practicing transcendental meditation methods, hypnosis and hypnotically induced entrancement, sudden near-death trauma, nervous-system strain, sensory deprivation, fasting or entheogens. Pointedly, I have experienced naturally occurring out-of-body states as well as soberly induced OBE’s since long before I had ever experimented with shamanic entheogens or witches herbs of any kind. I was experiencing OBE states much before I even vaguely understood the basic chakra system. Moreover, in reference to my personal experiences with out-of-body phenomena, I punctiliously ascertain that the validity of an entheogenic catalyst induced out-of-body state is fervently no less pertinent than the implicit credibility of a genuine out-of-body state that was either naturally occurring or soberly induced.

 If you are a spiritual minded person then you would most likely concur with me that human beings are undoubtedly embodied spirit-entities, and especially that out-of-body experiences are emphatically not hallucinations, utterly to the appalled disdain of the typical Atheistic Western scientist. Abound with bigoted tenacity and dubious platitude, Western science unrelentingly promotes a purely biased, exorbitantly fascist pedigree of Atheistic indoctrination; thus intolerantly rejecting the relevance of spiritual existence, metaphysics, ethical morality and the paranormal in general.

 “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

 In supplement to the above statement, the Author ardently emphasizes that out-of-body states vastly contribute to the emotional well being of the human experience as a whole, thereby reminding us of what we truly are as embodied spirit-entities, as well as healthily balancing our conscious sense of discrimination between physics and metaphysics.

 How to soberly induce an Out-Of-Body Experience:

 Stage 1: Firstly, to begin this exercise, it is advisable that you should wilfully entrain yourself to awaken during the cusp of early twilight; OR one may optionally arise between 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., as some Hindu Brahmans suggest. It is most conducive to feel considerably sleepy upon forcing one’s self to awaken from a deep slumber, for it is quite imperative that you must be tired enough that you can easily fall back asleep again; yet the trick to fulfilling the OBE goal is to not lose consciousness when returning to sleep again. Comfortably lie down on your back with your arms at your sides and just relax as you intently try to retain your awareness and catch yourself at the verge of losing consciousness, just as you feel yourself begin to drift back to sleep; for therein exists a powerful gateway to consciousness that vibrates beyond the physical body. At this phase of your exercise one should direct focus upon the mid-brain region. Practicing a rhythmic breathing exercise is optional here. You may alternate your focal points between your frontal lobe and midbrain if you wish.

 Within a relatively short duration of time you should begin feeling a sense of light headedness; and once felt, pay very close attention to this sensation as it originates. Specifically meditate upon wherever within the brain that you are feeling any sensations of light-headedness arise; the stronger the feelings of euphoria the better. You may feel mild waves at first, but their intenisty will exceedingly increase with extended persistence towards maintaining concentration. Gradually, you should detect feelings of electromagnetic or electric-shock like spurts of vibrations in which tingle up the mid and upper brain regions, similar to euphoric, recurring head rushes. If your concentration falters then the intensity of these electromagnetic sensations may suddenly decrease to the degree of ceasing entirely, and then you may be required to recommence the above exercise from the beginning.

 You should soon notice the remarked tingly, electricity-like vibrations accompanied with euphoria beginning to elevate from the mid-brain to the upper-brain. Now, carefully shift your focus to therein. As these awesome feeling sensations persist they should drastically intensify, and when this occurs you might feel predisposed to fearing that there might be something direly wrong, or perhaps that you could be experiencing the nascent symptoms of a seizure; but fear not! These feelings are directly affiliated with alterations of those electromagnetic phenomena which moderate the spirit-ground release mechanism that the brain force-centers ordinarily seal closed. Experiencing pre-out-of-body phenomena can feel exceptionally frightening for the unprepared mind. Do not surrender to fears of the unknown lest you lose your attentive focus over the endeavored task of going OOB - (out-of-body).

 Despite your apprehensions, continue to intently meditate upon the aforementioned phenomena sensitivities, and then proceed to graduate your attention to the region of your aura that is about an inch ABOVE the top of your head. Meditative visualization will greatly assist in this process.

 Yes, you will soon begin to notice similar tingling perceptions of electro-static-like phenomena just above the top of your head. At this current stage you may even feel an electromagnetic pull; or otherwise rising, upward moving feelings amid euphoric ecstasy: Herein is the gateway of exit through which the prana mingled supernatural-electricity bond that intercedes between your astral crown chakra and the grounding brain force-center bond can be broken with unyielding determination.

 Intently thrust your mind-spirit consciousness principle and astral crown into the perceived source from whence the sensations of rising are felt circuiting through the your area of your spiritual aura that statically vibrates just above the head of your physical-vehicle. Your astral crown will become dislodged from the brain force-center receptors which interface your consciousness through the mind-spirit grounding processes of the physical brain.
The dislocation of the astral crown chakra is sometimes associated with an electromagnetic snapping of popping sound, though this is not a physically audible sound.

 Stage 2: Your higher Sahasrara crown and spiritual-consciousness-thread have finally separated from the force-center grounding EM-field of the brain and its inner-ethereal third-eye shield. There is yet one final phase to fully achieving freedom from your physical-body: At this stage, where I begin to feel a strong polarity of magnetic resistance within the naval region of my physical-vessel, and or within the center of my astral body. Some people feel this phenomenon manifesting from the heart chakra region of their physical body. In the past I have felt only minor phenomena associated with the heart force center but very rarely upon astral projecting. Now, shift your focus to the auric area that is between your physical and astral centers. You might notice a feeling of magnetic tension, pulling or the stretching forth of energy between your astral body and the inner-ethereal EM-field of your physical body, thus as your spirit separates from your earthly form: This initial level of out-of-body phenomenon culminates into manifesting what I refer to as the astral-umbilical-cord, encompassing a Sutratma-thread shift within the polarity of one’s astral body.

 Euphoric waves of subtle vibrations will rush through the supernatural umbilical cord, traveling between your astral center and your ethereal/ physical nervous system. Like a tractor beam, the nervous-system aspect of the inner-ethereal aura will resist against, and possibly preclude, the outward departure of your astral body if you allow it to. You should notice both protracting and retracting sensations of polarity within your astral tether. Concentrate upon the protracting vibrations in order to propel your astral body away from the ethereal tractor-beam of your physical body’s nervous-system EM-field.

 - To move your astral-vehicle: Intently concentrate upon the inner center of your astral-vehicle and “will” your spiritual-self forwards; or likewise meditate upon and the protracting feelings in which you may notice within your the astral cord, whilst willing your astral-vehicle to propel forth.

 - To return to your physical-vehicle: Wilfully focus upon aligning your spiritual center with the retracting sensations which occur within the astral-umbilical-cord; doing so can resultantly pull your spiritual being back into a state of embodied cohesion with your physical-vehicle.

 The astral hands: Both Robert Bruce and Carlos Castaneda had emphasized upon similar methods for implementing the astral-hands. For practicing this exercise one may optionally wear a “dreaming ring” in order to hypnotically entrain one’s subconscious mind into spontaneously becoming consciously aware that one is dreaming during an ordinary dream state. This technique for mental entrainment is to instill or program a natural tendency of casually glancing at one’s dreaming ring and hands during one’s daily routines and amid instances of waking consciousbness, which objective goal is to program one’s subconscious psychic into arbitrarily at one’s astral hands during ordinary dreaming states, thus resulting in lucidity. As you periodically glance at your dreaming ring you should mentally ask yourself, “am I dreaming?” One day you will find yourself in an ordinary dream as you happen to gaze down at your hands as you mentally ask yourself, “am I dreaming?” Upon doing so you become conscious that you are dreaming.

 Etheric-projection and becoming stuck half in and half out-of-body: Note that sometimes a total separation between the astral the physical and physical bodies does not occur during out-of-body states. This condition may be perceived as acutely disturbing, as one might feel as if they are paralyzed between the physical and astral planes. This unfortunate semi-OBE status may occur if the ethereal security system has been stalled during the astral cord extraction process, if the practitioner fails to break free from the ethereal EM-field during the initial phases of astral projection; or also if an astral entity is attempting to usurp possession over one’s physical-vessel.

 Out-of-body flight and astral cord phenomena: Whilst flying amidst an out-of-body state have you ever noticed feelings of buoyancy, or protracting, retracting, springy, or tension-like sensations in which surge along your astral lifeline; especially as you “will” your astral mind-spirit body forwards? And have you ever noticed any slight to severe nervous-system convulsions or tremors from within the midsection region of your physical-vehicle upon being jolted back to embodied cohesion with the physical vessel, after being spiritually dislocated amidst an out-of-body state? Further, have you ever experienced feelings of energetic resistance within the naval region of your physical body during the initial phases of astral projection? Clearly, the astral lifeline is a critical element of the ethereally moderated, spirit-grounding security-system defenses of the physical vessel. Once activated, the ethereal security system then triggers a tremendously powerful electromagnetic polarity through the astral cord, of which resonantly harnesses and extracts one’s dislocated astral spirit-vehicle.

 The art of tripping the astral umbilical cord: An OBE can be obstructed if another person disturbs the comatose physical body of an astral projected being; such interference may thereby stimulate an extempore surge of electromagnetic polarity that channels through the astral cord, thus extracting the dislocated astral vehicle back into a state of embodied cohesion with the ethereal security system of the physical-vehicle. Another means for causing an astral cord extraction is by intently or forcibly tugging against, or otherwise tampering with, the astral-cord. Toying with a dislocated ethereal double is yet another means for triggering an ethereal security system reaction that will retract the astral cord.

 Feeling versus seeing the astral-cord: As for many OBE practitioners, perceptually detecting astral-cord phenomena can be rather fleeting or obscured. Depending upon one’s conscious degree of sensitivity to astral vibrations and psychic frequencies the astral cord can be either seen or felt. For whatever reasons, some OBE practitioners have only the capacity to feel astral cord as opposed to seeing it, but feeling its presence may be just as effective as seeing it.

 In accordance to the vast composition of information in which the Author has gathered concerning the astral-cord experiences of “numerous other OBE authors”, he thus observes that the astral cord most reportedly manifests from either the naval or the heart chakra regions of the physical vessel. Perpetual controversy as to which chakra center that the astral cord manifests from yet continues amongst opposing OBE authors and Theosophists. In parlance, what if both differential astral cord paradigms of this OBE debate are applicably correct, for there could be pertinent metaphysical explanations for expounding as to why the astral-cord can be either felt or seen as emitting from different force-center locations. According to the Author’s personal astral-cord related OBE experiences, he therefore perceives that his own astral cord tends to manifest from through the naval center. With adamant desire, the astral cord can be wilfully manifested from a different force-center than what the OBE practitioner normally perceives as being its source of origination.

 Examples of various reports concerning astral-cord phenomena:

1. According to many out-of-body practitioners, an astral-cord can be either felt or seen as exuding forth from between the naval force-center of the physical body and its correspondent astral chakra. Naval cord phenomenon might be attributed to the fifth ray of consciousness according to one theory.

2. Numerous other adepts of astral projection have reported that an astral cord phenomenon can be either felt or seen as protruding forth from between the heart force-center of the physical body and its correspondent astral body chakra. In one theory the manifestation of the heart cord might be attributed to the practitioner being aligned with the fourth Ray of consciousness. Of course, not every OBE practitioner attests to feeling or seeing this particular astral cord type.

3. Some insist that they can neither see nor feel any astral-cord related phenomena during OBE states, often speculatively surmising with uncertainty as to whether the astral cord exists or not.

4. And yet there are those who believe that an astral-cord manifests from wherever one believes, thinks or wills or that it will manifest from.

5. Also, seldom spoken of, certain OBE officiates have mentioned of a mysterious throat chakra cord.

6. Additionally, rare accounts postulate that the astral-cord manifests in correlation to an energetic interplay that may occur between two or more chakra force-centers.

7. Finally, a few yet proclaim that an astral-cord can manifest from through the back of the head; but rumor has it that only an enlightened master can astral project without breaking the resonant bond of magnetism that grounds the astral Sasrara chakra and golden Sutratma-thread to the brain of the physical vessel. This “head-thread” phenomenon might be sustainable, but such an astral cord phenomenon is likely to be exceedingly rare in the Author’s fervent opinion.

 The silver-cord vs. the golden-Sutratma or spiritual-consciousness-thread: The spiritual-consciousness-thread, technically referred to as the golden Sutratma-thread, should not be confused with the astral-umbilical-cord, as these threads are but two different astral cord phenomena. In the Author’s perception, certain Theosophists have attempted to discredit the silver umbilical cord by asserting that it was confused with the golden Sutratma or head-thread. This is not a plausible theorum for anyone who has directly experienced the naval cord for themselves; for though these astral cord phenomena may be interconnected within the interior of the astral vehicle they are not the same. Stately, the Author believes that the head-thread is merely a bunk, short lasting cord phenomenon for most astral travelers, as it is a phenomenon that quickly begins to weaken the further away that one ventures from one’s physical-vehicle, until it finally snaps.

 The Author’s bunk head-thread theory: For those readers who profess to regularly experience a head-thread cord during the initial phases of astral projection:

1. Firstly, when an astral projection phenomenon occurs, the crown force-center of one’s astral body will begin to elevate with will, thereby dislodging from its cohesive bond of magnetism with the ethereal-crown-chakra-inlet.

2. Next, the resistant bond between the astral crown force-center and the crown-force-center-inlet of the ethereal double, which interfaces a Sahasrara link to the brain of the physical body, is so great that it is difficult to break its resonant crown bond. During the initial phase of going out of body, the astral crown force-center partially dislocates the ethereal crown force-center inlet, pulling away from the brain interface and from the top of the head of the physical-vessel.

3. Then, a weak cord of (prana melded with fohat-electricity mingled ethereal-matter then stretches forth between the Sahasrar crown force-center and the crown chakra inlet at the top of the head of the physical body. At this stage the astral Sahasrar force-center has not yet dislocated from the crown force-center-inlet of the ethereal-double; with intent, the Sahasrar continues to separate from its energetic bond with the head of the ethereal body.

4. After that,, the astral crown begins to break its bond with the ethereal crown inlet, and an energetic cord like phenomenon then stretches forth between the dislocated astral crown force-center and the ethereal-crown force-center inlet, but temporarily. This bunk thread may weakly extend to the head of the physical body for a limited duration.

5. In resultant succession, the fohat-electrified ground that binds the head-thread cord will quickly begin to diminish in its substantial strength as the astral crown chakra continues to separate even further in distance from the brain of the physical vessel.

6. Soon thereafter, the electro-magnetism of this head-thread cord will then suddenly snap and dissipate. Hence the astral crown force-center, intact with the spiritual-consciousness-thread or golden Sutratma circuit, has finally broken free from the resonant bond of magnetism that once bound it to the spiritual-consciousness-thread-ground or brain of the physical body. A total state of astral projection has not yet fully occurred, for the astral body has not been completely freed from the grounding magnetism in which grounds the lower astral chakras to the force-center inlets of the ethereal security system! Lastly, the astral body must be freed from the ethereal aura in order to become wholly dislocated from the physical vessel. The algorithm for this process was described in stage two of the Author’s technique for achieving an out-of-body experience.

7. Finally, the spiritual-consciousness-thread, together with the astral crown chakram, will break free from its cohesive bond with the consciousness-thread-ground force-centers of the physical brain! As the bunk thread link snaps the true astral-cord begins then to manifest from the naval region of the physical-vessel, or from the heart area in others. Moreover, the dislodging of one’s astral-crown chakra is sometimes accompanied by a popping or snapping sound; one may or may not notice this sound.

 During the typical OBE, the golden Sutratma-thread temporarily breaks its threaded link to the brain interface of the physical vessel but remains threaded between the astral crown and the higher Koshas or spirit-bodies, interpenetrating downwards into the interior of the astral body. As with concerning physically embodied states, the Sutratma thread thread convenes directly into and along the Sushumna nadI; as with OBE states the Sutratma thread adjoins into the central or midriff interior of the astral body, in connection with the silver cord. From thence the Consciousness-thread meets with the specific astral center from which the astral cord thereby projects outwards “as an umbilical cord-like thread.”

 In the Author’s perspective, it is misleading to believe that in order to preserve astral memory that it is unduly necessary to sustain a thread between the head of the astral body and the head of the physical body. No, the memory transfer between the disembodied mind and the physical brain occurs via subtle vibration reverberation phenomena, of which transpires when the astral head and crown chakra returns to embodied cohesion with the brain of the physical vessel; and this phenomenon has been discussed at great length by various authors of classic theosophical literature.

 Exchanged frequency transmissions and reverberations of vibrations subconsciously relay transferences of consciousness and secondary forces between the astral and physical spirit-bodies, via the naval cord link, or through the heart cord link for some, whichever has manifested for the OBE practitioner. If maintaining unobstructed OBE consciousness were solely reliant upon sustaining a head-thread cord between the brain of physical vessel and the dislocated astral head, then how is it that a ghostly entity, being one who has no physical brain, can yet retain consciousness on the astral plane? A ghost has a mental discernment but no brain! Think about it! In tandem, please compare this notion with my literature on spiritual consciousness versus the physical brain for further elucidations.
The supernatural substance of the astral-cord: The Author confidently propounds that the metaphysical substance of the astral-cord conduits a current of Kama-Manas prana mingled supernatural electricity. Additionally, the astral sub-matter of this spiritual cord convenes into fohat-electricity charged ethereal sub-matter at its base, where it grounds to the magnetism of the physical vessel. Hence the astral cord channels very subtle signals of consciousness, frequency and vibration between the astral body and the ethereal security system. Moreover, the supernatural electricity melded prana that currents astral cord is possibly polarized by the Kosha magnetism generated between one’s spiritually divided astral ethereal & physical spirit-body resonances.

 Amid the initial phase of an out-of-body experience, kundalini burns-open the cord-chakra seal between the ethereal and astral force-centers, esp. from whence the astral cord begins to manifest. Together, as the astral and higher spirit-embodiments separate from the physical vessel a polar shift perhaps occurs between the defusing astral and ethereal chakra connections, hence the manifestation of the astral cord. Fohat-electricity charged ethereal sub-matter forms the base substance of this astral cord. Its paranormal substance gradually tapers off into an exceedingly subtle string of astral matter in which conduits a circuit of [supernaturally electrified prana], thus extending as an astral spirit-body tether in which penetrates the sub-atomic matter of one’s correspondent inner ethereal aura. According from the majority of OOB reports, this cord most commonly manifests from either the naval or the heart chakram regions of the body. An intermittent equilibrium of exchanged frequencies subconsciously transmits information through the astral-cord, as reverberations consisting of supra subtle vibration messages are transferred between one’s detached astral and physical spirit-embodiments.

 Astral cord defense phenomena is moderated by the autonomic security system moderation functions of the human vessel. The ruling elemental forces which maintain the health of one’s physical vessel are closely interactive with the ethereal security-system sensitivities of the human body, thus monitoring most astral cord transmissions, of which reverberate as signals between astral and physical vehicles. Any disturbance of the physical vessel tends to trigger an astral retraction related cord response that initiates a tractor-beam of magnetism that surges through the astral cord from the ethereal or physical security system. Sometimes an astral interference, a psychic attack or even a distressed Kama emotion can cause cord transmissions or reverberations in which the ethereal security system sensitivities detect from through the astral cord, thus triggering the astral cord extraction defenses of the ethereal security system.
We are already well aware that prana passes through each of the force-centers from the astral to the ethereal, so prana must also stream through the astral cord, too. Also, we are further aware that kundalini magnetism regulates that prana flow in which passes between the astral and ethereal force-centers, as well as that kundalini electricity is but always subtly active within each of the force-center functions – before it is fully or even partially stirred into a state of awakening by means of pranayama meditation, or etc. Kundalini electricity is said to be present on ALL spiritual planes as well as within the Kosha spirit-bodies. You haven’t studied your Theosophy if you are unaware of the above information. Kundalini is a paranormal force in which can be projected forth from its sender.

 Madame H.P. Blavatsky: “KUNDALINI SAKTI. The power or Force which moves in a curved path. It is the Universal life-Principle manifesting everywhere in nature. This force includes the two great forces of attraction and repulsion. Electricity and magnetism are but manifestations of it.”

 If the physical body is disturbed the cord security system response will be to execute an instantaneous retraction the disconnected astral spirit body; or if the physical body signals a strong enough urge to urinate, for example, instead of releasing the urine amidst the person’s OBE state the astral cord defenses will attempt retract the dislocated astral body so that the denoted bodily function may be accommodated for. Sometimes the ethereal security system will not prevail at ripping the dislocated astral body back to the physical vessel, so it may alternatively replicate a distinct sensation to urinate within the astral body. In this event the astral body may in some instances become partially melded to state of resonant cohesion with the ethereal double of the physical vessel, but without fully returning to a state of embodied cohesion with the physical vessel. In such a case the astral body might tend to subconsciously slip back into the astral plane, possibly dreaming of urinating or likewise feeling the urge to do so. After all, one senses are felt by virtue of the astral chakras, for it is not the physical body that feels but the astral and higher spirit-bodies.

 Various Eastern esoteric systems emphasize that if the physical body is disturbed during a “fully conscious” out-of-body state that one’s astral cord can possibly be snapped or otherwise injured, which influence might resultantly be the cause of a seizure, nervous system trauma, or even physical mortality. Via astral cord absorption, a malevolent ghost or astral spirit-entity may choose usurp an anchoring point for taking possession of a comatose human vessel; or an evil spirit might attempt to feed from the auric energies of the incarnate spirit-being by vamping lifeforce energy from through a victim’s astral cord. Also, a maleficent spirit-entity might also instigate causing discordant astral cord disturbances for the sake of doing harm to an astral projected human being. The astral umbilical cord is an expedient Occult catalyst that serves as a gateway for ceasing upon a vulnerable physical vessel.

 In Theosophical Yogic teachings, a centralized, inwardly flowing current of prana enters each of the seven primary force-center vortexes, thus entering them in right angle fashions; and a series of evenly spaced prana rays emit from within the force-center vortex, undulating around the central prana stream like the spokes of spinning wheels. It is the central stream of prana that currents inwards, from the ethereal vortex receptor to into the astral vortex.

 An astral umbilical cord theory: Regarding the naval force-center, there are ten outwardly flowing “rays” or spokes of prana which emit forth from around a central current of inwardly streaming prana: During the manifestation of the astral naval cord, do the ten aforementioned outward flowing prana rays possibly wrap around the inward stream of primary prana, thus channeling through a current of supernatural electricity? Is this astral-cord concept not too dissimilar to the underlying principles of an extension-cord? The Author hasn’t yet observed such a theory in any other Author’s out-of-body cord literature.

 A possible example of an astral-cord portrayal in Vedic spirituality: Brahma is perhaps depicted in a Yantra as being spiritually disconnected from his body, thus residing within a lotus flower that is connected by a thread that recedes to the Manipura force-center of his body. Perhaps this depiction symbolizes a disembodied state that maybe emulates an astral-umbilical-cord?

 The silver cord in the holy Torah and the Biblical Old Testament: “When the silver cord be loosed then shall the dust return to the earth as it was and the spirit shall return to God who gave it.”

 Helena P. Blavatsky and the silver-cord, “possibly but not officially verified:” “The astral body is connected to the physical body by a “silver cord”, an extended umbilical cord.”

 Lobsang Rampa: “The trained person can lie down and relax and then ease off the ties that chain the ego, or companion body, or soul, call it what you will, it is the same thing. Then, when the only connection between is the “Silver Cord”, the second body can drift off, like a captive balloon at the end of its line. Wherever you can think of, there you can go, fully conscious, fully alert, when you are trained. – The dream state is when a person astral travels without knowing it, and brings back a confused, jumbled impression. Unless one is trained, there are a multitude of impressions constantly being received by the “Silver Cord” which confuses the “dreamer” more and more. In the astral you can go anywhere, even beyond the confines of the Earth, for the astral body does not breathe, nor does it eat. All its wants are supplied by the “Silver Cord” which, during life, constantly connects it to the physical body.” 

 Lobsang Rampa: “As the smoke swirled lazily upwards engulfing my astral form, I shivered in dread. It was as if invisible hands were drawing me, as if hands were drawing on my Silver Cord, drawing me down, reeling me in, forcing me into that cold, lifeless body. I felt the coldness of death, I felt shivering in my limbs, I felt my astral sight grow dim, and then great gasps wracked my body which trembled uncontrollably.” – “The women surgeons sighed noisily, wondering where to start. I seemed to float over the operating table, watching, wondering if their skill would be great enough to patch me up. A gentle tugging upon my Silver Cord, and I found myself floating up through the ceiling, seeing in my passing, patients in their beds in wards above. I drifted up and away, out into space, out among the limitless stars, beyond the astral, through etheric plane after plane, until I reached again the ‘Land of the Golden Light’.”

 G.R.S. Mead:The Doctrine of the Subtle Body in Western Tradition: An outline of what philosophers thought and Christians taught on the subject: “Perhaps it is then hardly worth while in this connection to remind ourselves of a certain mystic silver cord, or psychical attachment, which is variously* seen and spoken of. This is supposed by a few figuratively to start from between the shoulder-blades; it is also imagined to unroll itself as it were from a point or centre, and contract itself again into a point”. -- The subtle vehicle (Lepton Ocliema) of the soul, & quot; quoted by ‘Hierocles in his commentary on The Golden Vertes of Pythagoras, xxvi. 67-69. The reference to a silver cord will indubitably remind the reader of the phrase in the magnificent, but exceedingly puzzling, concluding outburst of Koheleth (Eccl. xii. 6). But the treatment of the whole passage. XII. 1-8, \would be too long a story for this occasion. -- “When the subtle vehicle leaves and returns to the body in certain mystic experiences. The phenomenon is very variously described, and the cord has numerous points of attachment according to others.”

 “The etheric double can be temporarily separated from the dense physical body by shock, anesthetics, or certain other effects that produce trance states. However, it remains attached to the dense body by a thread of its own matter—the “silver cord” spoken of in Ecclesiastes (12.6): “Or ever the silver cord be loosed . . . the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.” When this “silver cord” breaks and the etheric double is finally withdrawn from the body, vitality ceases to flow and the event of “death” ensues. The etheric double then quietly disintegrates in the vicinity of the dense body, its function for the incarnation having ended.” – John Agleo, Theosophy.

 “The two views agree that, as a person approaches the point of dying, the etheric double, which transmits vitality to the dense physical body, withdraws, carrying with it the life force and the higher bodies. The slender magnetic thread—the “silver cord”—is finally all that holds it to the dying body. Then, in the last moments of consciousness, the events of the ending incarnation pass swiftly in review—a fact well attested by persons who have been near dying but brought back to life. Finally, at the moment of dying, the cord of etheric matter is broken, and the person, wrapped in the violet-gray etheric double, appears to float for a time above the dense physical body in a state of peaceful unconsciousness.” – John Agleo, Theosophy.

 “In certain rare cases, the personality, or lower man, may be so strongly controlled by kâma that lower manas is completely enslaved and cannot disentangle itself. The link between the lower and the higher mental, the “silver thread that binds it to the Master”, snaps in two. This is spoken of in occultism as the “loss of the soul”. It is the loss of the personal self, which has separated from its parent, the higher ego, and has thus doomed itself to perish.” –Arthur Powell, the astral body and other phenomena.

 Edgar Van Oostrum; Astral Projection 101: “Pick a point on your body. Any point will do, but I have found that the point that works best, is your solar plexus, because it’s right where your astral vehicle is attached to your body”.
Dr. Douglas M. Baker; Techniques of astral projection: “It is said that the cord is made of a silver like material and so long as it is patent, the astral body will always return to its physical counterpart when we awake or return to our physical habitat. There is also the suggestion that if the cord were to snap, return would not be possible. This becomes a real fear to many. In my own instance, many years back, I used to lock my bedroom door before any sort of esoteric endeavour like meditation or astral projection because of this fear. It was widely believed that any sort of interruption whilst out of the body could bring about rupture of the silver cord. Does it exist? Is there any danger linked to its breakage? I can only speak from experience. In all my many projections, I have never seen a cord, either linked to me or to another person. This does not mean that the cord does not exist. It may be that with my nasty scientific mind, I don't or won't accept that a piece of material like the so-called astral cord can be extended indefinitely, perhaps as much as two hundred thousand miles, say, to the Moon. That there is a tug back towards the physical body, I admit. That there is a feeling of linkage near the umbilicus or, in women, as Eileen Garrett describes it, just above the breasts, I will also admit but that it is a cord, that I will not accept. I always say: “If you see a cord, take a pair of scissors and cut it!”

 J.D.S.;the Chakra of Exit and the silver-cord: “This last occurrence is absolutely fascinating in that the soul extension and Kundalini exist from the chakra that the person focused on the most in that lifetime. The ideal would be to leave out of the crown chakra or at minimum, the third eye. However, the soul extensions, or personalities, that were very astrally focused in that lifetime will leave out of the soul plexus chakra. If they were love-focused they will leave out of the heart chakra. If they were will- and communication- focused in that lifetime they will leave out of the throat chakra. If they were focused on spiritual sight as their main interest they will leave out of the third eye. If they were God-focused they will leave out of crown. Which chakra the personality leaves out of will also affect the Bardo experience and possibly which plane it will magnetize toward after the Bardo. It is usually the astral seed atom that leaves first, then the mental seed atom, and lastly the head seed atom. When the emotional and mental seed atoms leave, one is no longer conscious of the Earth plane. When the head seed atom leaves, the silver cord then breaks, releasing the soul extension completely. The hear seed atom will leave rather quickly in an initiate, but may remain in the physical body for three days in the case of a less evolved soul extension.”

 Robert Bruce;Treatise on Astral Projection Vol. II; Energy Flow: “The famed “Silver Cord” does more than just tie the two bodies together. It is a true umbilical cord, transmitting information and energy between the physical and subtle bodies. It is seen by some projectors and not seen by others. Sometimes it is seen emanating from the navel, sometimes from the forehead. The area the cord is seen emanating from may depend on chakra activity. Whichever chakra is the strongest, most active, could have control of energy flow to the subtle bodies. There is also the belief system of the projector to consider and the creative power of the subconscious mind. The cord will usually appear to be wherever you believe it will be, courtesy of the subconscious”. Robert Bruce; Treatise on astral projection Vol. 1: “While you are climbing the ribbon imagine you are coming loose from the physical body. Imagine you can feel yourself rising a little with each new hand hold. Feel yourself floating free. You will feel a slight giddy feeling in the pit of your stomach, or solar plexus, as pressure is put on the astral body.”

 Bod Peterson; Out of Body Experiences versus Lucid-Dreams: “After all, not every OBEer’ perceives the legendary silver cord, and of those that do some report it as emerging from different points on the body to the solar plexus, such as the small of the back, the neck or the top of the head to name a few. It seems to depend on where you expect to see it. So, whether a physical body is perceived or not depends on whether you expect to see a body or not, in my opinion.”
Matrica; Astral Travel, simplicity itself: “Work on projecting a cloud of your energy out through your solar plexus (some people work better projecting from the 3d eye, I personally project the body through the solar plexus and when I project the consciousness into it, I do it via the 3d eye.”

 Lee Bladon; Esoteric Knowledge: “When we fall asleep the monad (in the triad) detaches the consciousness thread from the physical-etheric brain and leaves the physical-etheric body, usually via the navel or heart chakra, causing the physical body to become unconscious”. – “The monad can leave the physical-etheric body by one of three exits: the navel chakra, the heart chakra or the crown chakra. Primitive and civilised people use the navel chakra, developed and humanistic people use the heart chakra, and enlightened people use the crown chakra. The navel and heart chakras correspond to the lower (2:1–2:3) and upper (2:4–2:6) emotional plane so are obvious points of exit to the emotional world. Exiting through the crown chakra ensures that the consciousness thread is not detached, which not only allows the waking consciousness to remember the monad’s out-of-body activities but to actually experience the events as they occur. This is an ability that naturally develops at (or just prior) to enlightenment, but it is possible for fairly well developed individuals to acquire the ability early through the use of specific yogic and meditative disciplines.”

 Max Heindel; the Rosicrucian Mysteries: “No matter how long we may keep the Spirit from passing out, however, at last there will come a time when no stimulant can hold it and the last breath is drawn. Then the silver cord of which the Bible speaks, and which holds the higher and the lower vehicles together, snaps in the heart and causes that organ to stop. That rupture releases the vital body, and it, with the desire body and mind, floats above the visible body for from one to three and one-half days, while the Spirit is engaged in reviewing the past life, an exceedingly important part of its post-mortem experience. Upon that review depends its whole existence from death to a new birth.”

 Andrew Jackson: Death and the afterlife: “The golden emanation, which extends up midway to the ceiling, is connected with the brain by a very this, life-thread.” – “the fine life-thread continues attached to the old brain. The next thing is the withdrawal of the electric principle. When this thread snaps, the spiritual body is free.”

 Mike Azreal: The way to achieve OBE: “Now another term you may have come across during your investigations into projection is ‘the silver cord’. This is basically a term for the link that is always present (but not always visible) between your physical body and your astral body. You may have already spotted this during your projection and if so then one of the easiest methods you can use to get back to your body is to follow it.” – “Believe it or not as your physical body begins to require the routine maintenance tasks such as eating or drinking or needing the bathroom, you will begin to feel a pulling on your astral body much like the one you felt as soon as you got out and were still reasonably close to it. This pulling will increase as the hunger/thirst etc. increases and you’ll find it increasingly difficult to stay out.” –“transfer your consciousness along the glowing thread.”

 Edgar Van Oostrum: Astral projection 101: “Once you have energized your whole body like this, concentrate on all the spheres and shafts at once. Be aware of all the colors. After having done this exercise a number of times, you will feel actual tingling in the centres when you energize them. You will feel your solar plexus (in the middle of your body, right between your belly button and ribs) throbbing like crazy. Here's where you will exteriorizing astral substance.” – “Now, make a mental resolution to lift this point where you are out of your body, along the line (cord) that links you with your vehicle, into your vehicle,”

 Astral travel Wiccan method by an unknown Author: “It seems as though the aka thread which connects the spirit and the body has elastic-like properties. When it is short it is very strong, but as you stretch it, it becomes weaker. Once you have put in about 30 feet of separation it seems you can go anywhere.” – “-a thread called an AKA THREAD connects the spirit and the body. (If this thread should ever become disconnected it means that you have passed on). When you first separate the spirit from the body you will actually see this small white-like thread connecting the two beings).”
Spiritual Journeys: Teachings from another dimension, by Michael Connolly: “On a material level, they are; on an energy level, they are not. All living things, all sentient beings are connected to each other by a fine thread of energy.”; “bear in mind that the silver thread does not carry vital energy, but energy impulses. The etheric body uses the chakras - especially the Solar Plexus chakra - to draw the required amount of vital energy from the ether.” – “The silver thread is a thin cord of energy that links each unit of energy/consciousness to the Central Sphere, the Source. It acts not only as a link, but also as a conduit for “impulses” of pure energy from the Source to the individual. It is also a conduit for the return of consciousness to the higher planes.”

 Holotropic mind: By Stanislov Grof, M.D. with Hal Zina Bennet, Ph.D: “Some people also identify with the experience of astronauts floating weightlessly in space, attached to the “mother ship” with the life-giving umbilical pipeline.”
Astral projection: A complete guide – unknown Author: Energy Flow: “The famed "Silver Cord" does more than just tie the two bodies together. It is a true umbilical cord, transmitting information and energy between the physical and subtle bodies. It is seen by some projectors and not seen by others. Sometimes it is seen emanating from the navel, sometimes from the forehead. The area the cord is seen emanating from may depend on chakra activity.”
Tips for astral projection: Unknown Author: “work on projecting a cloud of your energy out through your solar plexus (some people work better projecting from the 3d eye, I personally project the body through the solar plexus and when I project the consciousness into it, I do it via the 3d eye.”

 Adventures beyond the body: How to experience out of body travel: By William Buhlman: Silver cord: “The traditional biblical term for the non-physical connection between the first inner energy body and the biological body. In many respects, it is similar to an energy umbilical cord capable of stretching for immense distances. In appearance, though, it is not cordlike but is observed as thin, fibrous filaments connecting the biological body to its densest non-physical counterpart.” – “The biblical concept of the silver cord is accurate. According to my observations, it is not actually a cord but a thin, fibrous substance similar in appearance to a spider’s web. The silver cord appears to function as the connection between the physical body and the first inner energy-body of all life-forms. Though its complete function is unknown, it’s logical that it may act as an inner energy conduit. One thing is certain, when the cord is severed, the biological life ends.”

 “Because the Lord's two energies (inferior and superior) manifest the material and antimaterial worlds, He is called the Supreme Absolute Truth.” - The Bhagavadgita.

 Lord Krishna explains this in the Bhagavad-gita thus: “I am, Arjuna, the highest principle of transcendence, and there is nothing greater than Me. Everything that be rests on My energies exactly like pearls on a thread.” - The Bhagavadgita.

 "The fine life-thread continues attached to the old brain. The next thing is the withdrawal of the electric principle. When this thread snaps, the spiritual body is free!" Death and the after-life, by Andrew Jackson Davis.

 "The Silver Cord. You might see it. You might not. Your attachment to your physical body is normally invisible (sort of like gravity) -- no need to clutter up the astralscape. Don't be too iteral about it. Even if you don't see a cord, you will probably have occasion to feel it. The cord (visible or invisible) may be attached to your astral body in various places. Don't worry about it." - Astral Signposts: The Stages Of Out-of-Body Experiences, by Charles C. Goodin.

 “I even looked for a silver cord but saw none (and never have to this day).…” - DO_OBE ASTRAL PROJECTION/OOBE CLASS NOTES, CONDUCTED ON THE COMPUSERVE NEW AGE FORUM DONALD J. DEGRACIA, Ph.D.
“Does it exist? Is there any danger linked to its breakage? I can only speak from experience. In all my many projections, I have never seen a cord, either linked to me or to another person. This does not mean that the cord does not exist.” The

 Techniques of Astral Projection By Dr. Douglas M. Baker - B.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., F.Z.S.

 “It seems as though the aka thread which connects the spirit and the body has elastic-like properties. When it is short it is very strong, but as you stretch it, it becomes weaker. Once you have put in about 30 feet of seperation it seems you can go anywhere." -- "a thread called an AKA THREAD connects the spirit and the body.

 (If this thread should ever become disconnected it means that you have passed on). When you first seperate the spirit from the body you will actually see this small white-like thread connecting the two beings)." -- “Keep clearly in visualization this projection figure and its connecting Cord.” - Heaven 'N' Hell's Occult Database
~~~Astral Projection~~~

 "‘Bear in mind that the silver thread does not carry vital energy, but energy impulses. The etheric body uses the chakras - especially the Solar Plexus chakra - to draw the required amount of vital energy from the ether." -- “ ‘This consciousness now consists of the astral, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual energy fields. As the silver thread, with consciousness attached, "recoils" into the realms of refined energy, it gives rise to an experience of travelling at high speed through a tunnel. You have read reported cases of near-death experiences, and as you know, the end of the tunnel gives way to a brilliant, bright light. This is the Light of Spirit, or the Realm of Spirit.” - Spiritual Journeys: Teachings From Another Dimension, by Michael Connolly

 Spirit Infinity’s commentary on what he believes that the astral cord conduits: “Well, it is taught in Theosophy that prana exists on all planes and is a medium for thought, feeling and energy impulses between the planes and koshas, hence I ascertain that the astral cord conduits a higher variant of prana and supernatural electricity!”
“At the other end of the cord—the invisible cord—is your physical body.” - Robert Monroe.

 "However thought forms produced by many millions of men and women over long lengths of time exist on the lower astral sub planes and have strong energies associated with them. They have become capable of existence without the need for human input. They occasionally appear in human consciousness where there is damage to the cord of energy from the soul to man caused by some form of mental weakness which is often in the use of drugs." - Secret Guide to Instant Astral Projection - ASTRAL-PROJECTIONS.COM

 “...and finally our physical body that is connected to us by a sort of elastic pipe, what is known as the “silver-cord”.' -- After a while, you will feel yourself pulled back, like a tensioned elastic that has reached its limits and retracts to take you back to your physical body. This is a kind of umbilical cord, that you cannot yet see, that connects the astral to the physical body. This process signals that you have exhausted all those vital energies required for this level of experience. At this point let yourself be brought back to your physical body; with tranquility. It is very dangerous to attempt to resist the re-entry to your physical body: your being will register a dangerous situation, and you will be violently thrown back into your body. This can put you into a state of shock, and render very difficicult any future attempt at a consious exit.” -- The silver cord

 “The umbilical cord or “silver cord” is a channel of connection between the astral and physical body. Through this subtle connection the astral body remains in complete contact with the physical body, from which it receives energy.”

 “Ideally it is projected from the head of the physical body in correspondence to the so called “third eye”. In the beginning of the exit it is very soft and elastic and it presents itself with a silvery and brilliant colour. During the exit its nature changes: it comes more rigid and loses its shine and its colour becomes more opaque until finally it becomes dark brown. In this state it tends to shorten and to recall the astral body back to the physical body for the re-entry. This signifies that the energy is exhausted. At this point it is sufficent to let yourself be led tranquily to re-enter into the physical body, as if you are dressing yourself. -- Observing the changing state of the cord signals the time left before you need to re-enter. The silver cord is not immediately visible during your first experiences of exit, even if we will feel its presence. It can infinitely lengthen itself without modifying its diameter and it is unaffected by physical agents. In our astral movements we don’t need to worry at all about it." -- The Evolutionary Astral Travell
Methods for Out-of-Body Experiences, by CARLO DOROFATTI (OMM)

 "My channel has explained that the only difference in the death state and the dream state is that the silver cord, which is much like an umbilical cord connecting the soul with the body, is severed in death." -- The dream book, by Betty Bethards.

 Edgar Cayce and the silver cord: Known as one of the greatest prophets of the 20th Century; Edgar had the reputation of being able to disconnect from his physical-vehicle to thus channel or to clairvoyantly acquire information for another. Intriguingly, he was even said to be capable of speaking through his physical-vehicle as he was astral-projected; a phenomenon in which few have ever reported. Edgar was once interrupted during one of his clairvoyant out-of-body sessions, and a certain friend of his claimed to have witnessed what he called “Edgar’s astral-body” amidst a materialized state, thus connected by a “silver-cord” in which extended from the midsection of his disembodied ghost to the “solar-plexus” region of his physical-body. When this instance had occurred Edgar’s dislocated astral-form suddenly turned his head to observe the man who had interrupted the session. Edgar’s physical-vehicle then immediately ceased speaking.

 The Author of 777 V.T.S. insists that the silver-cord and the golden Sutratma-thread are two equally real but entirely different astral cord phenomena!

 “The Sutratma is that magnetic link, spoken of in the Christian Bible as the “silver cord,” that thread of living light which connects the Monad, the Spirit in man, with the physical brain.” – “Sutratma is that magnetic link, spoken of in the Christian Bible as the "silver cord," that thread of living light which connects the Monad, the Spirit in man, with the physical brain.” – “as a sphere of radiant fire, linked with the initiate standing before it by that magnetic thread of fire which passes through all his bodies and terminates within the centre of the physical brain.” This “silver thread” (as it is rather inaccurately called in the Bible, where the description of its loosing of the physical body and subsequent withdrawal is found) emanates from the heart centre of the solar Angel, linking thus heart and brain, — that great duality manifesting in this solar system, love and intelligence.” – Alice Bailey.

 The Author of 777 V.T.S. rhetorically defends the astral naval cord: Pointedly, I feel rather perturbed about disputing the beliefs a renowned twentieth century Author of Theosophy, and by no means do I wish to condescend, demean or patronize Alice; but based upon my own out-of-body experiences concerning astral-cord phenomena, I unwaveringly feel innately impelled to interject! Thusly, not only in accordance to my personal out-of-body experiences, but it would be safe to surmise that for most practitioners of astral projection the golden Sutratma-thread breaks its electromagnetic bond of cohesion with the brain of the physical body, as the astral Sahasrara dislocates from its connectedness with the top of the head. Followed by that, an astral-cord immediately manifests from the naval region of the physical-vessel, before one’s astral body has entirely separated from the tractor beam of the ethereal EM-field of the physical body, thus according to the accounts of many out-of-body practitioners. I believe that the silver cord can also manifest from other force-center vortexes for some astral practitioners; and there could be pertinent metaphysical explanations as to why more than just one astral cord phenomenon occur. Some O.B.E. practitioners say that the head-thread can only be maintained by an OBE master.

 Can the astral-cord be prematurely broken, deteriorated, infiltrated or weakened before death, as the result of unnatural causes? Yes! Under most ordinary O.B.E. circumstances the astral-cord of an individual who has a healthy aura is quite resilient against breakage or possessive infiltration by evil spirits; but yet spiritual possessions as well as premature astral-cord severances do occur! There are those who argue that inducing vehicle transference is impossible based upon their belief that the astral cord or lifeline cannot be broken until death; this argument is not at all plausible because otherwise spirit-channeling, spirit-mediumship, spirit-possession and spirit walk-ins would not be possible; for there must be a weak link in the ethereal auric-shield, and equivalently within the astral-cord defenses, for any of the aforementioned vehicle transference phenomena to be at all possible! We as sentient spirit-beings are not permanently bound to our physical-vehicles. Just as the astral-shield of the ethereal-aura can be infiltrated or weakened, how improbable would it be that death is not the only means through which the astral-cord can be unnaturally severed?

 Under special or unfortunate circumstances, one’s astral cord can be absorbed, affected, altered, broken, damaged, diminished, inhibited, infiltrated, influenced, jolted, manipulated, severed, stalled, stunned, tripped, weakened, or etcetera; thus before death naturally occurs. Is near death possession not as valid as simply dying? For instance, concerning mediumship, the potential consequences of etheric-withdrawal can actually kill the medium under the worst case scenario, for the channeled spirit-entity will deeply absorb its being into the medium’s ethereal aura. A near-death out-of-body experience is the necessary gateway through which most spiritual walk-ins occur, so apply this concept to life-line absorption. A near death out-of-body experience will weaken the spiritual-defenses of the ethereal-aura and cause the physical-vessel to become more susceptible to possession. Given adequate circumstances there are always exceptions for nearly every perceivable phenomenon and or supposed rule, though as obscure or as rare as such might be perceived.

 How possession and walk-in phenomena can occur:
1. Merging astral spirit-bodies.
2. Ethereal aura-absorption, ethereal-aura melding and ethereal withdrawal.
3. Damage to the astral/ psychic shield of the inner-ethereal aura.
4.Imbalanced or inhibited ethereal force-centers; or weakened chi or prana distribution.
5. Ill physical health, including brain damage or nervous system trauma.
6. Astral-cord absorption; walk-ins as well as possessions involve a spirit-entity who absorbs the walk-out’s astral-cord connection.

 Stately, if you are an Atheist, one who doesn’t believe in out-of-body experiences, let alone in your own immortality as an eternal spirit-entity, then you have no business in reading this esoteric manual. Those like you naively argue against the most simplistic of spiritual truths, so then why should your overly zealous arguments be taken seriously by advanced students of metaphysical research? Just because you haven’t personally become conscious of spirit doesn’t mean that others have not or that they must be either delusional or lying. We don’t care about what you don’t believe in, so why would you care to dispute against what we spiritualists understand as being spiritual truth beyond any doubt?

 Arguably, Atheism is utilized as a Black Mass or Illuminati catalyst through which to furtively deprave humanity of their most innately inherent understandings of themselves as embodied spirit-beings. Thus the clandestine oppression of spiritual metaphysics and esoteric knowledge serves their surreptitious goal of causing widespread emotional damage, moral dissimulation, and the inhibition of higher consciousness within the human psychic.

 You Atheists cannot disprove the authenticity of a spiritualist’s out-of-body experiences, solely based upon the dilemma that you yourselves have never consciously experienced such a phenomenon of your own; but yet you begrudgingly thwart petty attempts at damning or diminishing another’s personal proof in spirit, i.e. based upon your lack of personal experience thereof? Prove to us that you have not had your own supernatural experiences; but you can’t. We spiritualists could equivalently accuse you of lying or being insane for acclaiming to have never had a spiritual experience of your own!

 Sanity is merely a matter of perception.

 There is absolutely nothing that you can either say or do to convince us that we have not had genuine paranormal experiences of our own, or that we are insane for having had spiritual experiences. In some cases, we spiritualists have actually experienced inter-communal, co-interactive out-of-body states between one another, not to mention other metaphysical phenomena; experiences where we both felt, saw and or sensed the same exact phenomenon/ phenomena as the other did, and where we even affirmed, tested or reproduced the phenomenon between ourselves! ; And you can’t disprove this! Your scientific dogma cannot disprove spirit, just as your lack of proof to disprove utterly fails to prove the pertinence of your own disbelief in spirit, to begin with! I rest my case.


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