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ADYAR DAY --- February 17th ---
If you mention Adyar Day to most of today’s elected leaders – top down – they will not know what you are talking about. Who cares about the Founders – Inner and outer – because most of the leaders are ignorant of the history of TS. We all witnessed how during last Convention they forgot to recognize even the Inner Founders.
A few leaders and members can tell you about the significance of Adyar Day; it is to commemorate the passing of Col Olcott – Founding and Life President of Theosophical Society and passing of Jiddu Krishnamurti – most well known exponent of wisdom. It is also the day, collections are made around the world to support Adyar which is the Mecca for theosophists. Today, due to lack of transparency, one cannot be sure if all the collections reach Adyar or get parked around the world, to be spent at the whim of International President.
On this day, at Adyar a formal function is held to commemorate Olcott and many others who sacrificed for spreading of theosophy around the world. Typically, International President presides over the function and delivers a lecture recalling the sacrifices made by Olcott and many others. Some lodges, especially in India, hold a function to recall the sacrifices of Olcott and others.

We are now at the lowest point in Kali Age. You will not find International President at the Adyar function since we do not know his whereabouts is perhaps on vacation somewhere in the USA. Few lower level officials are responsible to hold the Adyar day commemoration at Adyar on 17th. Let us send our good thoughts for Godspeed for their efforts.

What can you and me do? Sending money for use at Adyar is not a good idea today. The money may end up supporting lavish life style or even may not reach Adyar since it may get parked outside the control of Adyar.

Instead of risking your donation, you can feed some poor men and women in your city and most cities all over the world have homeless people who need help. According to one of the high Initiates --- Swami Ramalingam Pillai who foretold the arrival of HPB and Olcott in India years before even HPB was told of the plan by her Master – feeding the hungry is one of the best endeavors one can engage in and perhaps he knew of the great Karmic benefit the donor can receive.

Let us take a minute on February 17th to remember Olcott, Krishnaji and others who tried to bring us divine wisdom.


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This came out today, in FB, from the TSA/USA :

Today is Adyar Day, an annual celebration of our international headquarters in Chennai, India, and a remembrance of the work of our founders. Originally called Olcott Day, February 17 marks the day of cofounder Henry Steel Olcott’s passing in 1907. Please click below for information about his life, his work, and his legacy

I was surprised to see that the email version that was sent out, had added with the following extra line:


For more information about Adyar, including ways to give, visit
I do not know why they dropped that line on FB.

Peace -




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