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The word philosophy is defined by some as "the love of wisdom". Then again how many definitions does that paraphrase have to different people? To me knowledge too is different to me and vice versa. Yet we all try to understand each others interpretations for our own understanding. What's in a word, more words. But what if the word has value and takes on another meaning out side of of the undervalued meaning? Like LOVE?  I equate theosophy as a philosophy or the "love of wisdom". It means different meanings to different people yet all of it's wisdom point to different points of view. That's the beauty of the philosophy called theosophy. Paul

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Dear Paul ,

     I do tend to agree with you , we have to learn from our own mistakes and also from the experiences of others , it helps when in trouble , for it is not possible to live through everyones experiences , but at least we may be able to relate a particular situation we are in and from another mans experience mitigate the circumstances by resorting to their experience and how they overcame the difficulty. Another aspect of loving wisdom is , in the absence of any such precedent within our knowledge , we can by clear thinking make knowledge work for knowledge - it is also a good option , it is not the same as saying we will do what we think is right but rather deliberate carefully and then proceed with a very clean and purposive intent , This is the Practical aspect of Theosophy , and very rarely does it go awry since the intent and feeling and action are all purposive and moves in the same direction .There is a definite beauty to it as you say and it edifies and instructs on the path of life .


 I am not the person I was yesterday or ten years ago. I see life as differently as a rainbow. Each day is a new wonderful day for learning and being happy within ones self. There's the here and now and time does not have shackles on me no more. I see the sun for what it is, to light the darkness and the moon as well. There is hope in this world inside our hearts and mind and we are here to find the word love all and for our next move to eternity. If we cannot learn in this life, how will we fair in the next one? Paul

We learn and grow through understanding and that means understanding each other and each other's point of view, idea, etc.. and it also means trying to understand philosophical ideas, ideas from other cultures and peoples.  If we can't or won't do that than we become very narrow minded and, indeed boring people.  I dislike boredom.....


 Excellent post. But it also seems as we get older trying to share our experiences, knowledge and wisdom with others (lets say the younger generation) they have their opinion. We who are wiser have lived ours ,they haven't yet gotten to where we are now. We see and understand our past present and hope for the future. And there are others who like you and I dislike boredom. This action is a Godsend to us who has been there. Paul


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