This book by Zachary F. Landsdowne reveals what is a true secret doctrine within one book of "The" book that the whole world is most familiar with, the world's most published book:

The path to self actualisation or self mastery is actually so clear and preordained once deciphered from what is most probably, one might assume, nothing else but purposeful disguise from the unworthy. 

Before getting even 10% through this text, this "translation", I felt that what Landsdowne has done is to crack the impenetrable book of revelation (aka nonsense of the apocalypse, along with all the nonsense assertions of prophecy!) to reveal and give to us one of the greatest gifts to humanity left behind from the Master. To reveal out of near 2000 years mystery what must become the greatest book, (within The Book), of them all. 

When you get into it you will realise what I mean by the following comment:  After about the first chapter I completely gave up on reading the left hand (original text) column!

It was quite a surprise when to be well through the book I decided to search to see if it said anything about this guy Landsdowne.  Nice surprise was install !

Read the book! Would LOVE to discuss it here with you.



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I have not read the book, but will probably put it on my reading list. His interpretation sounds like the opinion I have had for a couple decades+. I was not able to piece it together though. However, Lansdowne appears to have a way to do it. Sounds good.

This is a good book to discuss here.

The following may be of interest.

here is the Amazon Link:

The Revelation of St. John

Below is some information from the Amazon listing:

About the Author:

Zachary Lansdowne is a past president of the Theosophical Society in Boston and has spoken at conferences throughout the United States. He is the author of four other books, also published by Weiser, on philosophy and religion: The Chakras and Esoteric Healing, Rules for Spiritual Initiation, Rays and Esoteric Psychology, and Ray Methods of Healing. He has advanced degrees in engineering, psychology, and philosophy and religion. He lives in Carmel Valley, California.

excerpt from Amazon's description of the book:

"This is not a book about "end times" or Armageddon and when it might come. This is a book written entirely in symbols, concealing a path for early Christians, and for the contemporary reader. Lansdowne has applied a unique psychological method of interpretation that takes each symbol as depicting some aspect of human consciousness rather than an eternal event, thus showing that the Revelation is actually a detailed instruction for the spiritual journey—a map to the wakening of higher consciousness. Moreover, while the Revelation appears in the great lineage of Judeo-Christian tradition, Lansdowne shows that its instruction can be appreciated and applied to seekers from any tradition."

Hi John, yes! can't wait for more people to come onboard here who've read it.

I've started through it for a second time and intend putting together a presentation on it for one of our Wednesday TS meets. ...although maybe it'll take more than one?

It is so intrinsic "Theosophy" that it feels almost kind of explosive (difficult to describe what I mean).

But, I don't want say too much as I do not want to spoil people's personal discoveries.



Hi -

You may want to describe some of the general principles used, in order to gain more interest in the book. That will help people understand why this may be better than other attempts to unravel the Revelation to John.



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