I would like to hear some thinking regarding Ancient Wisdom originating from a pre-deluvian source and having been passed down through a process managed by Higher Consciousness which maintains the purity/veracity of that wisdom.

As we research philosophies throughout history I think it is possible to retrace specific instances of successive influence patterns which reveal a connective process aligning one particular "Process of Being" attaching it today with its origins.

Many researchers will tell us that much of the ancient truth has been infested over time, which would be a logical assumption. But, from recent archaeological findings it is becoming more evident that many ancient myths seem to be sharing eerily similar events and characters in spite of vast distance between them. So, invariably corrupted by individual cultural bias, scholars are beginning to fall into line with the thinking that there is portions of truth hidden within many myths.

That being said, I would propose that there is also a succession of knowledge which has been passed down through the ages uncorrupted, remaining in its purest form of expression, and presented in ways that are only realized by minds which find the way to connect with it. An ancient wisdom which is usually not accepted by the mainstream of various eras, and often made available to only a few elite seekers, many of which are not socially available characters, or are even considered ignorant fanatics by society. Which would be expected given that truth is often held in disregard by fallacy.

What are your thoughts and is there any research into such gnostic transmission that can be recommended?

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