Many doomsayers have predicted 2012 as the end of the world year. That is still to be seen. However, looking at the events calendar it does appear that the year may see large scale changes around the world through ballot boxes. The year kicks off with an election in Taiwan and will end with a landmark election in the US. In each of the elections, going by the trend of 2011, existing governments are likely to be replaced. One hopes that the new governments that take over will be more in sync with the concerns of the ordinary people world over and there will be lesser conflict in the years to come. Both, amongst the people as well as with the environment. Take a look at the following dates:

January 14th  Presidential Elections in Taiwan

February       Elections in 5 States of India, likely to lead to a general mid-term election later in the year.

March 4        Russian President’s Election

April 22         General Elections in France

October        Change of guard in China. Xi Jinping will take over from Hu Jintao as the General Secretary of the Communist Party.

November     US Presidential Elections

In between some of the countries affected by Eurozone crisis may opt for elections too and at least two Arab Dictators could be on the way out. Pakistan is likely to see a change of guard as well. One only hopes it is for the better. So from east to west, 2012 will be remembered as the year of change.

What do you think?

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 I think that 2012 is the end of the world injustice year. Yes, I do think so. If not, it'll be 2013. Do you bet anything, my dear friend?  

I would agree with you to the extent that 2012 may see the beginning of the end of injustice. It will take several decades for the process to fully manifest. 

I will bet that you and everyone else will be happier in 2012.

 Hi, Joe!

 Nononononono  I DO THINK  ... it's not hope at all... I do not bet on hopes!!! hahahahaha... well, seriously now, I have very good reasons to trust Maitreya, the gentle teacher: he's crazier than me!!!

 Much of the healing needed in this world has already been done in subtle levels, so it's quite probable that results will be seen in the surface in 2012.  

Hi, Anand!

You were right in the chat some minutes ago, I was hiding a card. This one:  

  I have met Maitreya himself, that's why I call him gentle teacher, wise brother and true friend. I don't repeat Ben Creme's words and I don't write about "him" in capital letters or use the common "spiritual slang",  but sometimes call him "Master of Disguises" and "Lord of Jokes", so "official" Share people in Spain fear me hahahahaha...

 He loves meeting people, but still not many open the door... yes, I think that this one is the same one that gave the "secret teachings" to Asanga centuries ago, the same one whose counselling was not followed in the Mahabharata, the one who inspired Jesus to manifest the Christ, the Imam al-Mahdi from the Islam S'hia tradition, etc... but the most important point is that he is a simple man, one of us, a wiser brother and a teacher, he does not give any special importance to himself. He is gentle, caring, tender, near, Heart embodied.

 He himself has started appearing in TV interviews, not as any kind of authority but as an average (but rather tall and handsome) man who speaks of the need for justice and learning to share as the only remedy for the current crisis with simplicity and power, someone who touches the Heart of those listening and helps mind become clear.

 Enough of him! The real point is the coming of age of humanity. It is humanity, us, who have proclaimed an "Universal Rights Chart". It is humanity, us, who have developed mind to create the technology that allows us to share information and communicate in ways that were impossible some years ago. It is humanity, us, who are becoming aware of ourselves, of our needs and capacities. It is humanity, us, who is questioning dirigents and leaders everywhere in the world, it is us who are understanding what democracy is.

 It's us, people, who are realizing for the first time in history the ecological danger that our unbalanced development has created, and the raw inhumanity of a criminal distribution system that dooms milions of people to hunger, illnesses and war.

 So, anyone looking for a new religion will better join Plankton. He is not at all a leader in the usual sense of the term but a teacher. His teaching is so simple that is veeery difficult: honestity inwards is the first step; sincerity outwards is the second; detachment is the third. There are no more. I don't know of any other way to become stronger as a wholesome human being.

 From my experience, spiritual path or realization is like poker, you have to bet to see the cards. No risk taken, no cards seen, no wisdom gained.

 Warm blessings, dear friends, may you meet the gentle teacher soon!!!  


Thank You Ferran, for your blessings and information.

May I request you to kindly invite the "Gentle Teacher" to join here. I am confident our fellow members will  benefit immensely following the path shown by him and extend him a warm welcome. In case, he declines, kindly pass a question from us to him. What is the rationale behind masking his true identity? Is that honest inwards and sincerity outwards?

From my experience, spiritual path or realization is like poker, you have to bet to see the cards. No risk taken, no cards seen, no wisdom gained.

One wonders what kind of spirituality excludes the suffering billions who cannot afford to take any risk with anything. Can they play spiritual poker?

 Hi, Anand, thanks indeed for helpin' my feet go back to the ground!!!

 He is no "Gentle Teacher" at all. I DO NOT use capital letters to refer to him. He is not above me or you. If I was to use capital letters, I'd call him the "World Teacher" as "official" people do, following Ben Creme. I'd never use "my own" capital letters, except in the same way that Joe uses them in Hail Plankton. So please don't add capital letters where I have not written them.

 Maybe this will seem nonsense, but to me it is a very important point: I think that when people start adding capital letters, misunderstanding is guaranteed. 

 So I can only respond to your request that he is already within, that it's because I have noticed him - or his energy - here in this site that I'm here. I honestly think that Joe's inspiration to build this site comes from him, since the first time I entered here. He is within the heart, noticed or unnoticed. Somehow there is a moment when one becomes aware of this.

 The rationale as I understand it is that he is not masking his true identity at all.

1) He gives the same message through different disguises when he meets people, like has happened to me and many more people. He meets and helps many people in subtle but effective ways every day. Most of these people have never heard the word "Maitreya" or read any esoteric book, and there is no need. I know who has helped me when I was at need, and I know it beyond words, it's heart that jumps. If I meet him again I may recognize him if I listen to the heart. So he's teaching me to listen to the heart, which is what matters, because if I really know how to listen to the heart and understand what I learn there, I don't depend upon him anymore, I don't depend on anything or anyone anymore I just depend on heart, which is not mine. If he could be located like Sai Baba or any famous guru, followers would go to him. He has stated clearly that he does not want followers but people who are able to walk meaningfully alone, so when people try to follow him he literally and, usually, discreetly disappears. I know that the idea of someone dissapearing in the air like in movies is somehow offensive, but to me is a fact. Of course, anyone can think I'm insane.

2) The TV interviews. In his TV interviews Maitreya is using his permanent body and he is speaking his real opinions yes! opinions and no more... sometimes even Maitreya makes mistakes, because his opinions are no more than human opinions, and language rules bind him as bind anyone. Yes, he is hiding his "Hierarchical Status". I understand that most people may think that he is hiding his true identity because he is not showing his "real power" openly. (Whatever be that they imagine "real power" is). Well, he is already doing, because his only power is love. In some months time someone will emerge in the media speaking about the need of justice and sharing. Hearts will move while watching him. This man is an extraordinary ordinary man, a good teacher, and his job is showing people where real power lies. Only when people are aware of where their real power lies can the word "hierarchy" return to its original meaning. Only when people are mature to learn can teaching be fruitful. Part of this maturity is being able to ponder on any message with no interference from the "authority" that may be its source, but in its own intrinsic value. This is why he has chosen not to appear as an authority of any kind.

  I can't write any longer now, poker will have to wait untill tomorrow. A warm hug, dear friends!!!   


Thanks Ferran and welcome to 2012 - the year of change. May this year be the most glorious for you.

Would you kindly apprise us of the criteria for selection to receive the LOVE of Maitreya/Bill Creme. What can people like Anand do to be worthy of it?

 Thanks for your tolerance dealin' with a crazy fellow, Anand! :-)

 Only if this year is the most glorious for you will it be so for me. Ferran is not a separate entity but a letter within the word "humanity". A letter alone has no meaning.  ;-)

 Well, there's nothing you can do... it's not about being "worthy". I can assure you I am not worthy. The idea about being "worthy" is in itself corrupt.

 Just let yourself remember Anand when he was a child, before ideas like "worthiness" came into play ;-)  

 A warm hug, dear friends!!!



 Hi friends!

 I'd not be able to write if it wasn't among friends, I'd not have the strenght to fight with words until something is written.

 I heard of this Maitreya's emergence story in 1998 and then I knew from inside it was true. Then, in 2008, when heart was discovered, I saw humanity's healing already done. Now, I'm feeling it physically, gross body itself feels it, a big hug that embraces all humanity, so nervous system is gradually healing.

 This is why I was overcome by joy in the last weeks of past December...  I succeeded in refraining myself from hugging everyone I met in the street, but not in writing more crazily than usually.

 I realized the insanity and inhumanity of the economical and social system when I was 12. I felt deeply ashamed to have been born in the privileged side of the world, food lost its taste, psychosomatic digestion problems started, headaches, etc... depression... something got broken inside and I did not feel like living. To keep on living, I made myself a promise: now I'm still a boy and cannot do anything, but I'll prepare myself, I'll study until I find the root of all this suffering, mind will be my sword, and I will do something when I'm a grown up. I made this promise to myself exactly because so many of my brothers and sisters have not the chance to do so.  

 This promise I did to myself has lead my path in life. It's been my only chance to taste a little self-respect.

 Now, food is starting to taste good again. This is the reason why I am so optimistic. If I were able to make stomach, liver and bowels believe that everything is Ok, I would have done it long ago, of course.

 Humanity is already healing, so we all will feel better soon, in some months time or in about two years maximum. We all humans have a share in this work, the sooner this is realized, the faster and smoother will be the process. It's not going to be easy and there's a lot of work to do, but we humanity will triumph!!!    


haha ^ nice, Joe. That reminds me of the Matrix, " You're different from all the rest Neo(-human). You have... hope." I like to reference the cycles of man and the stars in regards to the future. Any significant events would reflect in the stars/heavens and vice versa; hence all the emphasis of our ancestors relaying the importance of astronomy/ology sciences through symbollism. This is why i think that 2012 may mark astronomical changes. Of what kind, who knows exactly. But the activity of our individual luminescence definitely correlates to what's going on 'out there'. My personal ego tends to distort my views and truths of others in this cluttered world and in my cluttered mind, so i try to keep updated with the 'above' instead.


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