Yrjö Kallinen (1886 - 1976) - Uneducated self-taught Finnish intellectual - "Evangelic Lutheran Zen Buddhist" - Pacifist and conscientious objector - Sentenc...

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Comment by Jaakko Matti Johannes Alhola on March 16, 2012 at 4:04am

But I also have to say that Peter Josephs comments are quite useless here. He should just have translated the interview and put it in the net just as it was. The Zeitgeist Movements agenda goes pretty far from the agenda of this wonderful person who has given so much to my spiritual life. Zeitgeist and the film makers are concentrating too much on the material issues from my opinion and they have started to look more like a cult than a group of free thinking men and women. They have quite fundamental opinions on the stuff they are workin on. But everyone walks their own path and find their own direction... I'm not saying Zeitgeist is a bad thing, it really woke me up back in 2006 but I have moved on and didn't make it my new religion. 

Comment by Jaakko Matti Johannes Alhola on March 16, 2012 at 3:56am

I tried to find the whole interview with english subtitles but this was the best I found.. Too bad because the whole one hour interview is a mind blowing experience for anyone. The interview was aired in 1972 on the main tv channel of finland and in the prime time! And the one whos asking the questions was a finnish UN ambassador back then. I can try to write a small biography about the guy if someones interested in. From finnish or even from international point of view he was a really extraordinary person. And thats all because of what things he had to experience through his 90 year cycle of life.

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