Всемирный Форум духовной культуры: к вечному миру - через духовное согласие!

World Forum of Spiritual Culture - 2010

Main sections of the forum:

I. The Spiritual Culture: a modern concept of the way of strengthening impact on the development of civilization. (Resp. O.Suleimenov, I.Kobzon, T.Mukhamedzhanov, A.Ageshin, E.V.Balashov, I.S.Darneva, Reinhold M. Stangl, Artur Grauberger).
I...I. “Power and conscience”. About the ways of transferring politics into state ethics:
- the ethicizing of industrial and scientific politics
- the ethicizing of social politics
- establishing social justice
- the ethicizing of education and science
- the ethicizing of ecological politics
(Resp. R.G. Abdulatipov, V. Augustat, A. Grauberger, V.M. Zakharov, S.Y.Glazyev, N.Toots, L. Polutina, Ernst Klatte, Irina Polutina, Liz Avgustat, Jens Stachura).
III. The spiritual culture of mass media (Resp. Borovik G.A., Bogdanov V.L., Trunina L.A., Gundi Liehr, Dorothee Frey-Burghardt).
IV. Youth and education in the third millennium (Resp. V.A. Sadovnichy, R.G. Abdulatipov, Shilin K.I., B.G. Abdraim, Manfred Werberich, Elmar Avgustat).
V. Global Strategic Initiative of the World Civil Society: Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind (Resp. Gordina L.S., José Argüelles, Alec Brook-Krasny, P.G. Nikitenko, B. Petrovic, Reinhart Ruge).
VI. Ideological, philosophical foundations of modern understanding of the world picture (Resp. R.B. Rybakov, V.V. Aksenov, T.M. Novikova, D.B. Pyurveev, Erich Fankhauser, Jens Stachura, Marko Vukovic).
VII. The leading confessions – interaction and cooperation within the framework of the Spiritual Culture elevation (Resp. Ulrike Schwarz, Klaus-Dieter Buck, Svanhild Buchheister).
VIII. Family and upbringing of the spiritual man (Resp. Sh. Amonashvili, K. Sh. Mansurov).
IX. Innovation. New ideas, concepts. Art as the key instrument of reformations dictated by life.(Resp. K.I. Shilin, Z.G. Lapina, G.M. Gogoberidze, N.P. Larin, L.V. Timoshenko, Frank Vukovic, Cecilia Garcia-Kufner).

Prior list of participants of the World Forum Spiritual Culture:

Section 5: "Global Strategic initiative of the World Civil Society: NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL - ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND"
The Way Of Noosphere Spiritual Ecology Is The Only Resolution To The Planetary Crisis! Clean The Global Mind Of Pollution!
El Camino de Ecología Noosfera espiritual es la única solución a la crisis planetaria! Limpiar la mente global de la contaminación ...

Sayings of world scientists, leaders on Noospheric Ethical-Ecological Constitution for Mankind:


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