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At 10:44pm on August 4, 2012, Hari Menon said…

Thank you for the warm welcome .

yours cordially

Hari Menon

At 6:12pm on July 16, 2012, Patita Dikshita said…

thx a lot for your welcome to me.

Well, if i am or will be able to supply here the forum as best as i can and in posting toppics and it will be welcome--i would be happy.

It is all about esoteric science---



At 7:43pm on June 11, 2012, vimal balachander said…

Thank you sir...happy to be embraced into this community.

At 10:23am on May 16, 2012, SILVER EDESIRI OKOH OKOTETE said…

Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to interacting with you the more very soon.



At 9:18am on April 30, 2012, Ashvajit said…

Thanks for your welcome message, Mr Ramadoss. I look forward to participating pro-actively as soon as I have begun to assimilate some of the issues under discussion. All good wishes, Ashvajit

At 12:11pm on March 14, 2012, Dr Eswar Reddy said…
Till today i have not received any info about sri G Naganathan from Dr Ramanujachary, so kindly help in this matter. my mobile;09440173534 email id; dr.eswarreddy@gmail.com.Thanks.
- Dr Eswar Reddy, Kadapa
At 12:32pm on February 16, 2012, Dr Eswar Reddy said…

Respected Sir,

    Thank you very much for your mail, and please excuse me for missing your mail for a long time. when i was searching old mails i got it and felt happy.

     During summer 1991 i met Mr. Naganathan, Asst. Editor Theosophy at VIPASSANA meditation centre, hyderabad. He(personally practised naturopathy) liked me as i am a naturopathy doctor and invited me to his residance and i was his guest for few days in 1991 Sep/Oct. He introduced Theosophical society at that time, and i should be thankful to him for many things. after a year or so we lost communication due to my practice as naturopath. i like to know his present address/ contact number to renew communication with him. please help me in this regard,so that i can help him a bit on health.

      More with you personally and spiritually later. Thanking you a lot.

yours affectionately,

Dr Eswar Reddy

dr.eswarreddy@gmail.com cell 09440173534

At 11:14pm on December 26, 2011, Wadjet said…

Thanks! maybe i can start bringing over my material in the tid-bits and thanks again for the welcome  /p>

At 11:46am on December 16, 2011, Janet G. said…

Thank you so much for the welcome! :)

At 12:11pm on November 9, 2011, Harish Kumar said…

No. At present there are no PDF books available. You may need to wait for that to happen.


Personally, my lover affair with PDFs is over. Even though I did like the electronic books, the freedom to download easily and use it where and when you want, especially in the age of tablets and smartphones, I prefer to have a solid book in my hands, especially one that smells real good. As of now, I am busy taking print-outs of all the PDF books I had, and binding them into books.

At 9:15am on November 9, 2011, Harish Kumar said…

Well you can buy her books from the aforementioned website and other links you will find there. They are a treasure and I am sure you will find that out for yourself.

At 7:37am on November 5, 2011, Harish Kumar said…

Hi Ramadoss, thanks for commenting. Yes, there are many Theorsophical groups in Bengaluru. There is one just 5 km from my house. One thing I like about them is the locale and the environment where they set up these groups. Really very calm.


Of course, I was born and brought up in Chennai, and I have visited the HQ in Adyar and the famous Banyan Tree. Very peaceful surroundings.


I would like to introduce you to the works of Cosmologist and Seer Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, known as Thea to her students. The website, www.aeongroup.com, is a good introduction to her works. From there you can work your way up and you will find a real treasure house of Supramental Knowledge and Realisations. 

At 9:20am on August 23, 2011, Marina Prokopiva said…

Thank you for your warm welcome !


At 11:04am on July 25, 2011, evk.sivanand said…
I am an active member of Theosophical Society, initiate of Certain degree and I live In Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, South India. I appreciate your concern, and progress our friendship
At 10:12pm on July 24, 2011, Udaybhanu Chitrakar said…
There is only one God. We call Him Brahman.
At 10:33am on July 20, 2011, P.N.RAJIV said…
Thankyou very much. Iwould be glad to have the info
At 9:17am on July 19, 2011, P.N.RAJIV said…

Yuo are quite right, Cannanore has been renamed Kannur. Ihave relocated to this place recently

and am yet to gather info about Theosophical society and activities here.

At 3:01am on July 3, 2011, Amber Dawn Cartrette said…
Thanks I will check that out for sure.
At 12:48pm on July 2, 2011, Steve Brett said…
Thanks, very glad to be here!
At 12:52pm on December 8, 2010, António Eliseu Rodrigues Faria said…
Greetings! Thank you, so much for the significant tip! I'll let you know if I could find the book in my University. Thanks again.

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