As long as you go through life without clarity, you will have no idea of what you are missing. The secret is to learn how to listen and observe. By listening and observing the whole working of your mentality, you purge all thoughts from the face of the mind. Then you learn the art of being completely quiet. Do you see the meaning in all this? No one can teach you how to be silent. There is nothing for you to follow or imitate, which is what we are all hoping and desiring. Only in the power of listening is there freedom within. It is only through this silence; one comes to discover the truth of this life, without effort. Be silent and all will be revealed to you. Then you will see there is nothing for any one to teach you and life becomes a great challenge to actually live and not just exist. In understanding this, you will realize you are your own master. Then perhaps you can go much further and find out if there is such a thing as God, as the Eternal. You see, the ultimate truth is without time as knowledge. When you are free, truth may come to you, plain and simple. Now, as you may see, it is quiet clear that the mind must be free of the restraints and chains of thought and its constant movement. Now that we have walked into this, intelligently, do you see the beauty of understanding this? First, one starts at the surface of the mind and then penetrates beyond the depths of the idea of mind. That is why it is important to start from the beginning. In order to discover that which is beyond the field of time, you must first end all time within you. Then one can delve deeper without the movement of time and discover that which is the beginning and end of all things. It is here and now the Spiritual Divine may come and awaken the joy of life within you.

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Comment by n' on August 28, 2012 at 8:32pm

True Freedom is neither defined, stated or premised because by those it is limit.

Viewing a blank sheet of paper provides the right answer in the still quill possessed by the mind of the observer.  



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