Confusing for the time being the Three Objects of the Society with what Theosophy is, we can more or less sum up today's living theosophical concepts.

First, "To form a nucleus of the universal COMMUNITY ( in today's language, brotherhood excludes 52% of the world's population, and actually repels about 10% of us.) of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color." That would be EMBRACE. Embrace the community you like (easy) and the members of the community that include your weird uncle, your rightfully incarcerated sister, Grandma's 35 year old boyfriend, and the pompous ass at work who says he is your boss. Embrace the crazy, smelly, demented from alcohol homeless guys who panhandle on the streets, embrace the FOX newscasters, and try in your own little world to form a nucleus of people who can agree on something, even if it is the weather, and continue to establish enough common ground to cement a community together. That would take your whole life if you could do it. Retreating away as a theosophical monk does not form the nucleus, and does nothing for the rest of us, unless it is a service to the world to remove yourself from it. If that is the case, you are one of the few people who will not do it. The first step is to establish a community relationship with everyone you encounter. A smile can be a start. Support can be a start. Send a good thought.

Nothing does this like the internet, if you like to stay home and form intellectual relationships, instead of meeting people in the flesh. Think about it. You can disagree with someone while still embracing them, if you can calm your own ego long enough.

Second: "To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science. Even, the smelly, homeless bum thinks or hallucinates something about religion, philosophy or science. Psychology is a science. People watching is the comparative study of science. Asking one person for their thoughts and accepting those opinions as valid for a few moments can encourage them to compare their "study" with anything else and open their mind just a tad. Look around you and compare anything you observe with the way you have thought about it in the past, to either validate your observation, or change it. Every day, every waking hour, there is something to COMPARE.

Third: "To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity." Start with the things you like to resist. What do you not want to do, what powers make you resist something? What is it inside you that makes you want to resist. The other two objects are not supposed to be strictly intellectually based. This one encourages you to use the power of the mind to EXPLORE . Exploration takes many forms, and just exploring your own mind could take the rest of your waking life.

Your thoughts on the "Objects"?

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