What do people think about the film zeitgeist ?

Specifically the introduction with the first section: Religion - The Greatest Story Ever Told

I’ve been asked to do a presentation to my Religious studies (Christian theology) class in college and I decided, that allot of the subjects I would have like to have talked about would not necessarily be universal for my class mates who range from strict atheist to Pagan.
I’ve decided on this, not because necessarily go along with it all, but because it’s simple and a different opinion to the standard ones in the curriculum.

What are your opinions on the film?

If you don’t know of the film already here is the website


And here is the actual segment I’m talking about


It’s about 40mins (then it goes over to 9/11 and the conspiracy theories.)

( there is mild bad language)

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Comment by Brenda Tucker on April 1, 2009 at 5:07pm
Luke, this might make a really wonderful subject for discussion within your class. I am a long-time theosophist and while I have often heard other theosophists talk about the similarities in the religions, I did not recognize the neat "progression" of the religions by races until 1995, shortly after the birth of my son.

At that time, I began to understand that all religions are "tying" us to a higher kingdom (I named that kingdom: girasas, but it is not an official word yet.) If each of our religions really was needed to stand for a phase in our human sojourn on earth, then they are nice little "records" for us to associate with for the purpose of preserving an outlook from all phases. Just because we are 5th race doesn't mean that the other races (now subraces) aren't important. To be able to process our thinking from the vantage point of one of the other races could be a major emphasis so that by providing each of the "racial" stages within a religion, we can not only admit similarities, but also guarantee that the differences will be valued.

My webpage at http://www.homestead.com/theosophy/ascension.html contains this new way of viewing religious change and growth, relative to the continents and evolutionary development. Hope you might like to see this point of view.

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