SPACE, time, matter and consciousness are omnipresent. But in science, a fundamental problem is created because they are considered independent things—a mistaken starting point for unlocking the nature of reality.

Their view is sustained because “most researchers still believe they can build from one side of nature, the physical, without the other side, the living,” writes Dr. Robert Lanza, in his May, 2009 book "Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe."

Robert Lanza, MD, is considered one of the leading scientists in the world. “Biocentrism” is his persuasive, and eloquently intuitive ‘theory of everything,’ and parallels what Theosophy teaches.

In her article, The Life Principle, Blavatsky wrote:

"THE ONE LIFE–is deity itself, immutable, omnipresent, eternal. The distinction between organic and inorganic matter [is] fallacious and nonexistent in nature… matter in all its phases, [is] merely a vehicle for the manifestation through it, of LIFE."

“By inclination and training these [one sided] scientists are obsessed with mathematical descriptions of the world,” says Dr. Lanza:

“If only, after leaving work, they would look out with equal seriousness over a pond,” he writes, “and watch the schools of minnows rise to the surface. The fish, the ducks, and the cormorants, paddling out beyond the pads and the cattails, are all part of the greater answer.”

“Between us and a golden orb web spider, Dr. Lanza observes, “there is something kindred…”

“We humans, too, lie at the heart of a great web of space and time whose threads are connected according to laws that dwell in our minds.”

Continuing his thread of thought, Dr. Lanza wonders: “Is the web possible without the spider? Are space and time physical objects that would continue to exist even if living creatures were removed from the scene?”

Answering, he writes: "…consciousness is the matrix upon which the cosmos is apprehended. In the broadest sense, we cannot be sure of an outside universe at all. …

"Instead of assuming a reality that predates life and even creates it, we propose a biocentric picture of reality. From this point of view, life—particularly consciousness—creates the universe, and the universe could not exist without us.“

When we understand, with Theosophy, that the universe and everything in it, are parts of a sentient, interdependent web of life, it changes everything. For evidence, watch Dr. Dean Radin’s description of:

Global Consciousness (video)

“Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious: endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception.” (Secret Doctrine 1:274)

Theosophy, along with scientists Robert Lanza, Dean Radin, Rupert Sheldrake, and hundreds of key frontier thinkers around the world, are unlocking the cage of separative thinking.

They agree that consciousness, in all its many forms, does rule the world. Gradually, it is becoming understood, there exists a moral awareness that is not confined to humans.

"[T]he child’s first feeling is for its mother and nurse,” says The Secret Doctrine, and affirms that the feeling lies the root of a profound, lifelong devotional sensibility. Blavatsky asserts that this is “the first and foremost motor…,” adding:

“it is the only one which is natural in our heart, which is innate in us, and which we find alike in human babe, and the young of the animal.”

New research shows that it’s not just humans who have complex emotions. Animals ‘can tell right from wrong.’ “Species ranging from mice to wolves are governed by similar codes of conduct as humans, say ecologists,” reports the Daily Mail Report, May 26, 2009.

Watch Video: “Science and The Sacred” - with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

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Comment by Hari Menon on September 25, 2012 at 11:37pm

Dear Odin ,

     Ah the utter perversity of the human race . Lanzas intellect has a quality so low that one has  has to bend down and pick it up from the underground ... All animals are regulated by their nature which is cosmic nature itself  except the thinking animal man . Animals have specific periods for copulation and more self control than man , they do not kill their own species ,  killing by animals are (both cross species and inter species) is done only in two cases preservation of the self and for food , never is there a third case .  

To quote Lanzas ,,,,""Instead of assuming a reality that predates life and even creates it, we propose a biocentric picture of reality. From this point of view, life—particularly consciousness—creates the universe, and the universe could not exist without us."

  There have in the past (in ancient Greece for example) better theories than the above viz. they had enough good sense to cogitate and reject the theory whether the mind was a secretion of the brain .

Frontier thinkers , forsooth - they give everything reasonable a bad name . It has been ascertained millennia before by thinkers that you cannot have a physical mode of transcending . Bio centric is nothing but the Charvaka Philosophers of yore.

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