Two unjustly forgotten western masters

Dear Sir,

I was advised by the theosophical society, who could not help me, to contact your magazine: “theosophical History” on the following topic:

Two former members of the theosophical society: Mr A. Wyeth and Mr Niels who lived in London in the years 1920-1947 gave well atended public or semi-public lectures on theosophical subjects. Among regular auditors were many authors, (some of which subsequently used lectures material in their books) and people active and influent in the field of spirituality, including author Paul Brunton. Some of the lectures were held in the London home of the portrait painter Fides Watt near Gloucester Road .

Mr A. Wyeth was a healer and not only did he cure many people but he also trained many others in the use of his techniques.

His friend Mr Niels was a seer and helped people free of charge through his gift.He is referred to as “a human wreck of a medium” in A. Crowley’s autobiography, this author having had a disagreement with Mr Wyeth.

There were very few points of difference between the mainstream of theosophical thought and their teaching(which they tended to call:The Light), except one: They condemned Spiritism unequivocally, and this led to tensions with some theosophists at the time.Nevertheless they were instrumental in making theosophical thought known to a large public and also to the intelligentsia.

There must be people still alive who have known them or who have heard of them and/or of their teachings.

It is most unjust that they should be forgotten. I would like to hear of anybody who has any bit of information about them with a view to writing a full length article,possibly in your magazine, which would do justice to their importance in the history of theosophy.

I tried to set up a site:>> as an amateur, but it is not well attended yet.

Possibly a published letter in your magazine would cause some readers to volunteer information ? in any case I would be ever so grateful for any help you might be able to give me.

Yours sincerely,

Bertrand PRUDOR

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