"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."...Gautama Buddha

This my seem an odd quote to introduce my thoughts on near death experiences. I have experienced three near death events. The most recent was a little over six months ago. Another one around my fiftieth birthday...eight years have passed since then. The first took place in the mid 70's. I will discuss the first two NDE's in much less detail than my most recent.

I nearly drowned at age seventeen. As to circumstances leading up to this unfortunate and unforgettable event I will only say alcohol and a swift moving river don't mix. However, my first NDE is the easiest to describe. What I experienced is similar to millions of other people...I need only say--light at the tunnel's end. I felt enveloped by serenity.  And yes it's true, in the distance the departed were calling me closer.

My second NDE took place during my first heart attack. I remember moments of the helicopter flight, moments of having my clothes cut off and being semiconsious during the procedure. And then there is nothing no sounds and total darkness no dreams, no multicolored shapes swarming behind my eyelids ...it seems for eternity. There is no feeling of warmth and security, no feeling of impending doom. There is only nothingness. However, I am aware that I exist.

This post and my thoughts concered with NDE's must end here for a short while ... In my next post ...Spirit willing, I'll be capable of showing how the above past exspirinces and my most recent NDE for some unfathomable reasons... disturb...upset...disrupt ...and in an odd way guide me to visions my conscious mind rather not entertain.

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Comment by John on January 14, 2015 at 2:55pm

Thanks for sharing! The first sounds very normal. The second, I do not know. Maybe you were to live and so... no light. (option to die was not there). ? I am just guessing.

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