I seem to be drawn to theosophy over philosophy. I have found out philosophy is general human knowledge and questions esortoric thought. I am begining to understand human understanding is more material than spiritual. Spiritual goes deeper into material thoughts with plain language and no hidden meanings (which I hate), because there's a meaning behind telling the truth without covering it up?

I found out theosophy is related to theology, which I always have been interested in. I seek a valid truth over a material truth even if it's spiritual. Is there valid truth in valid knowledge, how can one explain the word (valid)? I would question philosophy because it seems to have a humanistic side and always questions any opposite opinion? Have I been duped in believing  philosophy is closed minded to esortoric and spiritual practices?

Have I gone overboard on reading literally and not taken into mind the hidden meanings of literally reading? The word (interpret) comes to mind negatively as does the word believe. Am i that naive? Time is my enemy, valid truth within valid knowledge is my purpose. How do I find it? Paul

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