The Seven Jewels of Wisdom
    Re Embodiment [reincarnation], the first jewel The whole of nature is cyclic. Each creature withdraws after a maximum period of existence back into the inner realms, and then a subsequent period of life-a slightly higher quality to to catch. The fear of death is omitted: this first Jewel of Wisdom gives peace of mind. For our daily lives is the knowledge about the processes of birth and death of great importance.
    Karma, the second jewel Karma is the regularity of cause and effect. It is the law of conservation of harmony: actions that affect the nature, lead to a proportionate response. Nowhere in the cosmos is question of arbitrariness, or guilt and punishment. We ourselves are the director of our lives. The doctrine of karma explains our destiny.
    Hierarchies, the third jewel A hierarchy is a collaboration of a number of creatures, which operates as a unit. Life flows from the top of the hierarchy and spreads to the less developed beings. The upper works by virtue of the lower, and vice versa. This applies to a universe and for man, for a state and a company, everything. The doctrine of hierarchies very inspiring. It means that there is wisdom in the universe and that every person in itself a channel on that wisdom is connected.
    Self Practice, fourth Jewel Self Practice is about the uniqueness of each person. This Jewel of Wisdom teaches us that we are the children of ourselves. By the choices we have made in the past, we have Building character and self-colored. And by the choices we make now, we will determine our future character. Also from this jewel are inspiring lessons for everyday life.
    Progressive evolution, the fifth Jewel The fifth Jewel of Wisdom shows us the meaning of life. It describes the grand process of the development or unfolding of our latent abilities. Every man is infinite in possibilities.That is an incentive to people who are stuck here, to give a view to the future. With the fifth jewel we recognize in each being a fellow pilgrim, whatever his place on the ladder of Life. It also teaches us that every cycle, so every day and every hour, our unique opportunities.
    The two paths, the sixth Jewel The sixth Jewel of Wisdom presents us with a choice: we choose for spiritual growth ourselves or for the spiritual welfare for everyone? Or, what is our motive? If we are inwardly want to grow because of a future karmic reward for ourselves, we go the Path of every man for himself. But if our goal is to all people to better inspire and under- support, then we walk the Path of Compassion. Then our own growth is a tool, but no end in itself. The keyword of the sixth jewel is also "compassion".
    Knowledge of the Self, the Seventh Jewel Who's Core understands himself, understands the Essence of Life. This seventh Jewel of Wisdom summarizes all the previous one, forge them into a whole, and adds another dimension to their own. There is Unity. We should teach us to realize the Unity. Living from this ideal relates to all parts of our lives. We can create very practical image of Unity.

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Comment by andrasnm on March 13, 2012 at 3:19pm

Great post! Very well compiled. Most people miss the last, albeit self-knowledge is crucial.

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