The O.E. Library Critic (a Theosophical periodical) now online!

We are happy to announce that we have put online
the following Theosophical periodical:

The O.E. Library Critic
Edited by Dr. H. N. Stokes


Dr. James Santucci, editor of "Theosophical History" wrote
the following about Dr. Stokes and his magazine:

"...Dr. Stokes was, perhaps more than any other member of the Adyar
Theosophical Society, responsible for reintroducing the works of Blavatsky and Judge to the general membership....the "Critic" provided a unique window on the whole theosophical movement unsurpassed in breadth and candidness."

Blavatsky Archives / Blavatsky Study Center


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Comment by Jacques Mahnich on June 10, 2011 at 4:52pm
Bravo again Daniel, for bringing to light such a part of T.S history. The most we can know about its history, the better we can appreciate its messages and the way early followers understood it.

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