'The New era has dawned ...' (Re: The Age of Aquarius)

The following excerpt is from a recent essay Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet wrote for chapter 11 of her book, The Magical Carousel - a zodiacal odyssey, which describes the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius. The introduction is written to help people recognize that the current uprisings from oppressed peoples in the Middle East, India and elsewhere, are all part of the 'Aquarian wave' or impulse towards freedom and unity. What I love so much PNB's seeing, is that she sees our individual and collective journey/evolution in terms of the spherical and cyclical processes of evolution, not linear. The zodiac and our astrological ages make much more sense when understood as a spherical/cyclical evolutionary journey. It is all very educational ...


... 'The only imperatives of this [Aquarian] ‘wave’ are Freedom and Unity. These ideals reside in ALL human beings regardless of ideologies and dogmas. This is the new ‘exclusivism’ because freedom and unity are principles at the foundation of human consciousness and they exceed and extend beyond all sectarian, ideological boundaries of recent vintage. They can be suppressed for a while (in cosmic time), as witnessed in the last millennium, but they cannot be eradicated totally from the heart and mind of humanity.


Those entrenched in the linear way of the past and dying system fear what is taking place across the globe. In India, for example, the cry we hear is ‘An undermining of the democratic institutions!’ Rulers have dealt with these fears by setting in place systems to suppress and to control the masses. The civilisations we have inherited from the Age of Pisces (234 BCE – 1926 CE) – be it in the sphere of politics or religion or any of the ideologies that guide our collective life – have been devised as efforts to control the people, covert or overt, by repressive means. When critical thresholds are reached, those methods collapse into the cosmic abyss and new ways evolve to set in place enlightened systems that can accommodate the Spirit of the Times that demands this freedom in order to attain the unity we all desire in our hearts but which inadequate systems do not permit.


However, this is the Age when a bridge is built that connects this Aquarian era to Sri Krishna’s Age of Taurus. We pass over the hard crusts that have become solid barriers between people over the past 6000 years and we connect with those ancient truths of the Eternal Dharma – now enhanced and extended to embrace the entire globe. Therefore updating is required because a NEW LANGUAGE arises which is universal and not limited to one country or one people. This is the need of the hour, and the appearance of Vishnu’s last Avatar does just that: he opens the way to the establishment of the foundations for that new language upon which we can build a new and better world. The addition of the 10th occurred on 26/11. It became the iconic date that signalled the release in 2008 of that Power over India – the very same date as the Indian Constitution. The voice of the people, as empowered by that special Constitution, is heard. 26/11 is the seal of Mahakala. It is the incorporation of the final integer in the Descent, the immanent One. In terms of cosmic time reckonings of thousands of years, this integral Descent had not occurred earlier. Our times hold this unique distinction – and bear the formidable burden that such a special occurrence carries with it.


The Age of Aquarius is distinguished by its universal character. It is the Earth that is blessed to host this transformation of all her inhabitants, everywhere. We see this happening before our eyes. These facts make a mockery of doomsday prophecies concerning 2012 and speculations regarding ‘end time’. The universal zodiac of 12 of our civilsiation, rather than the Mayan time-reckoning, offers humanity a reliable key to the Vision, the true pre-Vision – that of the evolution of the human species which carries the world to the next stage: the Age of the supramental Truth-Consciousness. ...'


LINK to Full article, and description of Aquarius.

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Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on September 4, 2011 at 8:32pm

Thanks Dominic.


Frankly, people's reaction surprised me. I myself had never thought that so many people will come out on the streets of Delhi. In my estimation the crowds were largest when Anna was released from Jail. They filled nearly 8 Km stretch or road length from jail to Rajghat (monument in memory of Mahatma Gandhi). I spoke to scores of people during this. Almost everyone thought that it was corruption that was causing the price rise. These were not the people who were coached or prompted by TV channel personnel to utter a sound byte for the camera but normal hardworking people with jobs. Later I had an opportunity to interact with some participating NGO's and they said that they began planning this protest two years back when the unprecedented price rise really hit them and they saw that it is corruption as well as government's total surrender towards the corrupt that was causing the food prices to rise. Dominic you may want to recall Food and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar's statement two years back in the parliament which sent price of sugar rocketing from 25 Rs./Kg to 60 Rs./Kg in a week. Similar thing happened with onion prices a few months back. None of these prices have gone back to the original level. Many simple people were not even aware of the scams that we talk about, but were most affected by the price rise.There is no denying the link between corruption and the price rise.


The main motivating factor was of course, the people perceived Anna as a person of impeccable integrity and felt that they must protest against the injustice and high handedness of the government. So, even if Anna gives a call to protect the biodiversity, people will come out on the streets.


Comment by Lori Tompkins on September 4, 2011 at 7:19pm

I sent Patrizia my comment to Joe & Martin from 2 Sept (Friday) 2011, and she wanted to clarify: ' I did not 'locate' the beginning of the Age by Sri Aurobindo's realisation at all. It was independent and based on certain astrological configurations. Naturally the fact that 1926 marked the real beginning of his mission as the 9th, with the absorption of the gains of Sri Krishna's overmental work integrated in his being, was simply a confirmation of my findings. He went into seclusion only that year - and never came out - because the real work started then. The Mother was in her place, he in his. But my discovery was independent of all this.' I suggested that we published a chapter in The Gnostic Circlecalled 'Sagittarius and Aquarius' that describes the evolutionary impulses in effect, but Patrizia's feels that The Gnostic Circle leads the reader on a sequential journey, i.e. building one's capacity to SEE, and the one chapter shouldn't be picked out of the whole. So I do hope anyone interested in astrological ages, and understanding the evolutionary impulses and spiritual forces at play in the world will find their way to reading TGC.


One thing that has stuck with me from my studies of Integral and Supramental Yoga is that detail in unfolding circumstances are symbols/clues that can help in understanding the process. For instance 9-II involved 2 parallel towers imploding inward on themselves. In astrological symbolism the twin towers would be equivalent to the sign of Gemini - the Twins ... the dualistic mind. And despite the horror of that day, the image of the dualistic mind imploding in on itself is very appropriate for what is being targeted for removal in our new age. Even the event falling on the 11th of the month speaks to the parallel towers 11.


It seems that even though each country may have different catalysts for (and different symbols of) uprising these days, depending on whatever are the different obstructions in the way of freedom and open advancement of human capacities ... that the force being applied is somewhat universal. Like the collective soul is being pushed up against the collective ego which has become disastrously repressive and narrow-minded.


In and introduction to her article 'Seeds of Undermining - Inadequacies of the Indian System' Patrizia writes:


'To follow the movements of this new Power moving across the world, it is necessary to be able to perceive the ‘pulse’ of the nation, culture or civilisation involved; in so doing it is possible to understand why each country reacts to the Wave in a specific and unique way. I have stated that the pulse of America largely involves economics. Both India and America have a similar ‘pulse’ or ‘cosmic note’. But America is a new nation, while India has an ancient past that is still the primary influence even over its contemporary society and the birth of a new India in 1947. Thus, India of today must be analysed in conjunction with those ancient roots. Therefore, it will not react to the Wave in the same manner as America does; the effects go much deeper. Involved is also the number-power 3 for both, but in India’s case what is indicated is the Soul, both individual and collective.


'Therefore corruption is the issue in India today, causing an unprecedented people’s movement across the land, because the soul’s opposite is the ego. Corruption reveals a perversion of the soul: an intense ego-centrism prevails and drives the human being to care only for himself in disregard to the rest of society. Thus, the nation’s strongest point is perverted to become its opposite and to weaken the nation.'  [

Comment by Martin Euser on September 4, 2011 at 2:32pm

In the Middle-East, the uprising is fueled by rising food and fuel  prices. People can't pay school fees any longer, either.

Don't know about India.  Capt. Anand will know best.

Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on September 2, 2011 at 11:15pm
Ning limits the length of a comment to 42,000 characters including spaces. The one that got cut off appears way below that. It has happened in the past. If you face this problem again, please let us know so that we can follow it up again with Ning.
Comment by Lori Tompkins on September 2, 2011 at 2:21pm

Is there a limit to our comment length? I think my previous comment got cut off.  Here's the continuation:


.... I will try to find specific sections of Patrizia's work regarding the energies of the Aquarian Age/Stage, but it is best -- if one is truly curious about the nature of the Aquarian Age (and whether we are in it or not) --  to study more of the Supramental Yoga and Integral Gnosis of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia. With that basis, I makes perfect sense that we are truly 85 years into the Age of Aquarius. One sees that the Age has necessarily dawned with a 'Descent' of needed Gnosis and Truth-Consciousness-Force.

I almost forgot, Patrizia's book The Hidden Manna (1976) discusses St. John's revelation (with all of its destructive prophecy) as a revelation of the Age of Aquarius, which was a cosmological certainty upon the close of the Age of Pisces. St. John was certainly well-versed in Astrological knowledge, and could therefore see what was to unfold in the next age. It is fascinating to study the Revelation in that light. The demands and cosmological markers of the Age of Aquarius are made quite clear in the Revelation.

Comment by Lori Tompkins on September 2, 2011 at 2:12pm

Hi Joe, In Patrizia's The Magical Carousel, one of the main images for the changes of an Aquarius stage of evolution is a tornado. That which is in tune with progress is somehow preserved and that which is old (old structures, ideas, institutions, etc) that block progress is obliterated by the churning force. From what I have read/studied, there is a process of centering involved, getting in tune with the evolutionary Shakti and its demands for change. The more centered or in tune one gets with this evolutionary Force, the less chaotic the process appears. Also the more centered/in tune/conscious one gets of what is happening and what needs to happen, the less destructive the process of change becomes ... obstacles dissolve with more grace and less and less destructive violence.


Hi Martin, Patrizia puts the beginning of the Aquarian Age at 1926 CE, in tune with certain realizations and manifestations of Sri Aurobindo's Supramental yoga. But she also identifies or sees a larger macro cycle in which we are in the 9th or Sagittarius phase [see Map of Manifestations] ... a point of contraction (like the 9th month of a pregnancy) leading to new birth. So as always, there are cycles within cycles, just as the day is a fractal of the year, and the year a fractal of the precessional cycle. This macro cycle of 'manifestations' corresponds to the appearances of the evolutionary Avatars of Vishnu of the Vedic tradion. [See Secrets of the Earth (PNB, 2009)].


I think the main point to make about the idea that we are in a new age (Aquarian) which is accompanied by a Supramental Descent of Gnosis and Consciousness-Force (as discussed extensively by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia), is that there is now a 'Supramental' consciousness-force that is more consciously and more forcefully organizing and coordinating circumstances with the real structures of Time & Space towards the birth/recognition of a new order ... a universal order. The idea is that when it comes to accomplishing the Goal of achieving higher knowledge of our Self/Soul, both 'the positive and the negative serve the purpose of the One' (PNB). The negative would be the pressures or contracting forces that force the changes, the breakthroughs, the removal of obstructions, the birth of new forms, etc. So in that light, all circumstances are part of an integral and all-integrating process ... whether it be food prices or natural disasters or corrupt government officials or corporations that care not for the welfare of people and the planet. These things are catalysts. Their energy is used, rather than wasted.


Joe I can pass on your question to Patrizia, but I will also try to direct you to what she has already written on the matter in her books and essays. The Magical Carousel and The Gnostic Circle are the first places to start, giving a solid feel for how to start centering within the 'Becoming' (within our dynamic circumstances). As soon as the evolutionary process is comprehended as a Circle, being orchestrated by a Point (the Soul or a Truth-Consciousness-Force), then it is easier to understand the geometry and Supramental Logic of the progressive stages/months/ages of the Vedic Year (i.e. the Zodiac). The waves of creation, preservation, dissolution (rajas, satvas, tamas) become more recognizable and less of a surprise.


I will try to find specific sections of Patrizia's work regarding the energies of the Aquarian Age/Stage, but it is best -- if one is truly curious about the nature of the Aquarian Age (and whether we are in it or not) --  to study more of the Supramental Y

Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on September 2, 2011 at 8:00am

As always, accurate pinpointing of the cause, Martin. Anna Hazare agitation received such huges support because of unprecedented price rise of food and other household items during the last three years. Ordinary people when interviewed by TV channels during the protests mentioned food price escalation and the rise in fuel price as the two main motivating factors which brought them to the streets.


Most middle class and lower middle class people who were supporting the fast believe it is the corruption by the politicians which is responsible for the rise in food price and that was the reason for their protest. The Government is still unable to control this price rise. So, truly worse times are ahead.

Comment by Martin Euser on September 2, 2011 at 7:47am

The sharp increase of food price has contributed significantly to the uprise in the Middle-East and Maghreb countries.

This is widely acknowledged by researchers worldwide. With the demand for meat growing, fresh water demands becoming bigger than supplies, we're in for more trouble, it seems. Perhaps artificial meat (made from stem-cells in laboratories and factories, due within a couple of years) will alleviate some of this problem.

Political reforms seem to be slow. New forms of democracy will probably develop in the long run, but must be thought through in the first place. The Aquarius age may not have started properly yet..

Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on September 2, 2011 at 5:52am
One hopes that what is predicted occurs in quick time.

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