When we have come to a realization with consistent awakenings of the higher life ~ we are able to discern that life truly is magnificent and of grander scale.
We are told and ask not to confine our consciousness to the world of matter for a great reason ~ because there's truly such a thing as higher existence.
We may viewed our world here quite big enough to sustain life ~ but, when we get the opportunity to viewed what's in the inner realm - we'll be glad that we did take the risk of working our way up.
Those who have been there came back here ~ to share with us what They have found, and when we followed Them - we will learn and be able to exactly see and know first hand what They really meant when They say that Higher Life is the True Life and not the one we have here.
The journey or quest does not end nor has an ending... This great life We being part of it shall and will always be moving forward and upward to the ladder of perpetual life. Those who have been working on it knows exactly what it is...Those who are still wandering within their own minds ~ shall know them one day.
For now, grow like the flowers and the trees - minding life's great spectacle for there's much to see and to know.
This is a majestic life!

with you all in love and light,

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