Dear friends,


Like B.P.Wadia wrote,


"We have to learn to see the good and the lovely side of beings and things. Nothing can be perfect in this world and we have to build our own complete perfection out of a variety of perfections mixed up with gross imperfections. Of course we must look not only in those we love but everywhere for the good and the beautiful. The Raja-Yoga chapter of the Gita (the 9th) opens with "Unto thee who findeth no fault ..." This is imperative for the esoteric life. Who bothers about your traits which you call undesirable? – and you yourself should not. Just forget about your weaknesses! And who is there who does not feel a hypocrite at times? Our ideals are high, our realizations poor, comparatively speaking. We have to keep on striving and our ideals also ascend higher each time. That is the order of progress. You, like all others, have two natures, but you certainly are not Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde." [1]


Best regards, Magda



[1] UNPUBLISHED LETTERS - Extracts from B.P.Wadia Letters - LETTER  14 -

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