One of the greatest alchemists, in terms of how many students received their first great understanding of basic principles, is Basil Valentine. One could look up several of his works online. Anyway,, it is his name which brings up a very interesting relationship. Two of the great Gnostic fathers are Basilides and Valentinus. We know from fairly decent research that some of the Gnostic sects were carriers of the esoteric tradition from the Chaldeans, from the Egyptians, from the Hebrews and others. All of this melts together into an interesting mix, but then, as Theosophists, this is nothing new, save the part where there is actually a science of Alchemy in the first place, as well as a science of Astrology, which has not actually been reawakened in our time, regardless of the acceptance of Jung of the exoteric version. Jung also did not believe in any actual physical elixer of the alchemists and in this he was incorrect, as any practicioner can attest. I would love to here comments from others interested in such matters.


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