Public Service Anouncement: DNS Changer virus detection check

A virus which affects the DNS usage of your computer is potentially nasty. (DNS: Domain Name Server. translates names like into an actual address directing you to the site you want to visit).

The virus hijacks your DNS routing and you will get fake sites that may ask for names/passwords etc. (PayPal, credit card accounts, etc. - possibly).

The sites will look like the real ones, but they are not.

To check if you have been infected visit

If you get a Green box that has the words

DNS Resolution = GREEN

Then you are likely safe.

 this is not a 100% guarantee you are safe, but if it is RED -- then you have problems.

This is an international virus. The works for USA internet users. I am uncertain if foreign sites can use this as a check. (someone may try it and let us know).

In any case UPDATE your Virus protector and scan the whole computer this weekend. Monday appears as a possible activation date (virus goes viral).

If anyone else has more to add, please do so.

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