This is perhaps something new, perhaps not.

But I bet by the time I get done explaining, it might

not seem as foreign of a concept as you think.


Some might think a New Agey kind of classifications,

of course a PSI Vampyre would find that insulting.


First lets talk about what gives PSI Vampyres a bad name. Negative Psychic Vampires. PSI is for Psychic Vampyres.


Have you talked on the phone or got a incoming phone

call and you literally cringe ? This most likley is due to the person calling being a Negative PSI Vampyre.


Now first think of it like this, we are energy beings, we all need, take, give, produce etc energy.


Vampyres specifically if you watch tv, or movies, Vampyres have become what we call drainers,

life takers, etc. See how they came upon this

understanding of Psychic Vampyres ?


Negative Psychic Vampyres will suck ya dry of energy, will give you headaches, bowel issues, will just make you feel like everything you had in you has been sucked dry. Most of us have a relative or friend like this, or even a coworker, etc.


These Psychic Vampyres that are negative in nature can also be listed as having mental issues, most will refer to them as Borderline personalities, or Narcicistic personalities. These people will want attention on them, they will want to pull you in, they will want you in there wicked web so to speak.


The part that is empowering about knowing this and understanding this, is you can block, you can understand they are trying to take your energy, you can put a stop to it.


With a negative Psychic Vampyre, its like a fire, you can fan the flames which is give em that attention or you can blow it out, and be busy, put up a mental defense, limit any time with them, dont pick up that phone, and dont feel guilt.


Negative Psychic Vampyres are easy to spot, they constantly make bad choices, get in bad relationships, have many illnesses, and like to talk about them in great length, there sole focus is them, and how they are victims and they will be perpetual victims constantly, there entire idealogy, or how and what they choose will frustrate you to no end.


A PSION vampyre, doesnt need to energy, they generally give more then anything.  They tend to be healers, good listeners, and tend to be understanding and not judgemental.


Now as far as energy, there are different ways to get energy, we make it ourselves, which PSIONS usually do, we get energy from groups, elements- Nature, etc.


Any questions, please feel free to ask...


These type of Vampyres differ from Sang, who do

take it from blood, and its the energy, taste, and ritual they desire, and is part of there path.


Thanks Blessings Devilwoamn aka Tammy

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