Oncology diseases of the physical body does not exist.

Oncology diseases of the physical body does not exist. First of all, it is about the disease of the mental body, body of thought. This is how we perceive this world. The consciousness of everyone it's his way of thinking. On my website THE HOUSE OF THE THOUGHT http://knowledge-thought.com/ .You will learn about the scientific position of the esoteric nature: what is the idea, its functional role in our lives and the basic principles of the laws of the Universe that everyone should know living on the planet. Without this information we cannot survive in the new conditions of the environment that is now created on the planet.

Now I share the information with You and explain the essence of such diseases, as Oncology. No one can deny that this disease is gradually gaining momentum. Now it affects not only on adults but also on children. And the development of Oncology came to us with the development of scientific and technological progress. I do not deny the role of technology in our world, but with the equipment and technical base of the Planet there has deteriorated not only the environment but also our health. The condition of our environment directly depends on our way of thinking. It was built by many generations, but whole centuries. All compartments led us to a deplorable state. And if at this stage we begin to work towards expanding the boundaries of our consciousness, then we will win.

I want not only to give the theory but also to explain how to work in space, in the field of thought. Knowledge is power. And with this power You can control your body. But this is a grown man, and when the child gets sick? Children under 7 years should not ill. Our children are we ourselves. If children get ill, then you know it hurts You, but through the child. Our body is in fact unique; it listens to and hears us. And we, with the help of thought, can manage this process.

Each of us thinks that he is separate physical shell with a brain function, not associated with each other in any way. This is a misconception. Our relationship is very closely connected to the mental plane in the thought of the planet, the universe. It’s as a single, whole living organism. Each of us carries out its function in the Universe and plays an important role in the process of building a space of our environment. It means that our environment – we’re ourselves. We live in an age of mobile phones, the Internet. But even our appliances can hear us, because it is in our field of thought.

I remember once I phoned up a friend on his cell phone, typing an extra digit and still my mobile phone contacted him. When I painted the picture of “Golden Millennium” I needed to see the kind of wings from the sky, after two days of fruitless search on the Internet, I gave up and started painting independently. Then a day later, opening the laptop and typing in a search engine only the first word, it told me and offers a correctly formulated question and gives the following picture of a bird in the projection, as I was looking for. Is that a coincidence or a common field of thought? But we don't want and often don't believe that thoughts in the field can transmit information and receive it. Not even aware of themselves as part of the information field of the Planet. But remember, as soon as You think about any person close to You, he will either call you or will meet. You know, if You think about it, he also thinks about You and You hear each other wherever. But nobody takes into account because you don't know how space works in our field thought environment. We hear and can freely transfer information to each other without mobile devices, just by thinking about it and mentally talking with him. This applies not only to relatives but also to all those whom we love, who are worried and who are always happy to see.

So what is Oncology? It is a cancer of consciousness. First of all, the information included in the field of thought, and then manifests in the physical body. The drugs will help us to slow down the process but not eradicate the cause. Oncology – is an infectious disease in the thought. I remember my friend's daughter got cancer of the skin in the shoulder area. The girl was 15 years old. Friend appealed to me. And what was the reason? This girl was a friend whose mother was sick with cancer. But the most interesting thing is that the father of the sick girl the mother loved this other girl and they dated. And when the girl got sick, the friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Then, after I through the stream, brought the reason, the girl eventually recovered, now she got married and gave birth to a child. Mother and the girlfriend started getting sick again. The infection vector for the field environment of thought was the father. He took the information of the disease itself, because he loved this woman, and his daughter took the field and cleaned his father out of love for him. Children are pure souls, so it is easier to take the disease on them and cleaned the thought of the family. If a child is sick, find the reason in the family, in the adult environment.

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