Notes from the International Convention 2010

I attended the 135th International Convention in Adyar last week. Just a few comments:

1. The harmonious group in attendance was really wonderful. There were old and new faces that I got to meet and it was such a wonderful atmosphere of brotherhood. When people  live together in Theosophy, a magic occurs that is hard to define but there is a different conciousness that one does not find in the regular day to day world.


2. There were many good talks and excellent speakers, and there was an emphasis on the connectedness of all things. I especiallly liked the talk given by Dr Lakshmi Sarapalli on the Universe and the changing environment. Understand the uniqueness of Man, who we are and how blessed we are to have this life on this tiny little planet in the middle of the vast Cosmos. She looked at life from so many angles it was truly a remarkable journey.


3. The most Theosophical talk was given by our International President Radhaji. She is an amazing woman, 87 years old and so fully clear and still giving great talks. Her talk was on moving above from judgement to observation and how the quiet mind moves in Karmic journey to the beyond. We are all so lucky to have her. We need more people like her talking Theosophy in our society and creating new and moer Spirutal ways to look at the world.


I would encourage all members to attend at least one convention in their lives. It is well worth the long journey. 



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Comment by M K Ramadoss on January 5, 2011 at 9:38am
I read Radhaji's talk printed in the Daily Bulletin. It was very simple, direct and thought provoking. It simply shows she is well compared to the allegations of her health during the last election. I am glad you were able to see her first hand and give your feedback.

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