G. de P. --Sometimes It is striking. And you can see the outline of a human face in the Moon. It is the pictures in the Astral Light which Nature reproduces in her physical handiwork. Our very bodies are shaped after the pictures implanted in the as astral by the thoughts of past ages. nature is a conscious entity. She is not dead. She is a living entity, a vast conglomerate of substances and forces, working according to karmic impulses. The delicate tracery that we saw on the screen last night when Professor Hujer was lecturing -- did you see them, the crystals? They were beautiful, these pictures of the snowflakes. And thhey reminded me oddly enough of nothing so much as the sparkling decorations that are worn by European diplomats! They looked like the diamond-studded decorations on the breasts of these men! But how much more beautiful was this handiwork of Nature, in perfect symmetry, and in the marvelous geometric patterns, what one might the marvelous artistic invention reproducing such beautiful outlines. It was a delight to me. I have also seen gnarled trees which look like faces, goblin-faces, human faces, faces of angels almost. It was partly Nature's handiwork and partly my own. (Dialogues of G. de P. Vol.II, pgs. 227-8)

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Comment by James Bergh on December 12, 2010 at 4:56pm

Addendum on Sunsets:

G. de P. -- But what causes, what makes, what produces, the conditions in which beautiful sunsets occur?  Why do they arise at such and such times? I tell you that every phenomenon of Nature is a product of spiritual activity, if we go back far enough in Nature's life, into the treasuries of life.

There is more mystrey in the life of a tree, in the petal of a flower, in the color of a flower, than the average human being has any realization of.  Flowers have souls, and the color and perfume and shape of a flower are the expression on this plane of the soul of that flower. Just as human beings have, each one, respective odor, respective color, which our sense-organs cannot percieve, and which ultimately we may call the expression on the physical plane of the soul of that human being. Thus is it likewise with sunsets.

What if I were to tell you thaty sunsets are produced by entities which have dies? I should be telling you a truth, but here I can go no farther.

Dial. of G. de P. Vol I, pg. 299.


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