Hazel M. Denning.
Life Without Guilt : Healing Through Past Life Regression
(St. Paul, MN: Liewellyn Publications, 1998, 196pp.)

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, there are still those with very deep karmic ties to the Piscean past. These Piscean wounds must be healed in order to permit the individual to advance into the new age.

There are two types of individuals with such karmic ties. The first are those who had positions of leadership of smaller, tribal societies and who now have incarnated at the end of the cycle to meet unfulfilled needs linked to past experiences in smaller, basically tribal societies. They are again leaders with all the concentrated energy of leadership but also with the narrow vision of past ethno-nationalistic leaders. We see them in positions in ex-Yugoslavia, the former USSR, certain African countries and the Middle East. They still preach a doctrine of loyalty to blood, soil, and tribal gods. They attract to themselves followers who have lesser karmic ties to the past but who get caught up in powerful, emotion-based currents. As of yet, the new Aquarian personalities are rarely in a position to present an alternative political leadership.

The second and more numerous category are individuals who have strong but more personal karmic ties. It is this group which is described in this useful book by Hazel Denning. The basis of the book is that “when individuals are made aware of the cause of their problem, when they discover their own responsibility for their dilemma, and most important, when they can see a solution which is within their capacity to implement, their lives change. With insight and understanding of the problem, and the integration of the trauma that caused the problem, comes a greater understanding of universal law. Not only are we rid of the problem; but we have a new insight into the causes, the modus operandi of the intricate and complicated scheme of life.”

Thus, everyone has the capacity, sometimes with help, to free himself from unwanted and harmful behaviour patterns. Each is the creator of his own destiny and though it is often painful, each can let go of unproductive inhibitions, feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Dr Denning places an emphasis on changes in attitude. “One has only to look around at life as we observe it, and it will be obvious that rage generates more rage, and love, compassion and concern for others creates miraculous changes in people. Attitudes create blueprints for the future of each of us. The individual who is guilt-ridden is constantly sending out negative energies which literally create disaster in one form or another. Feeling unworthy of love causes others to turn away, and constantly anticipating punishment attracts negative experiences. “Guilt, in particular, creates persistent attitudes of anxiety, resentment, hopelessness and other destructive, negative attitudes.

Mrs Denning facilitates healing through past life regressions. The idea that any current emotional problem might stem from experiences in a prior life would have been totally untenable a few decades back in the early development of Western psychology. Still today, many schools of psychology do not yet integrate reincarnation into the study of character. However, in psychotherapy, that is, in efforts to heal, we can find wide support for the assumption that karmic influences play a crucial role in shaping present attitudes and the challenges one faces in this life. As Fr Denning writes “This lifetime then, is directed toward balancing our own individual scales in the total scheme of things, erasing past errors through the gaining of and acting on new insights, increasing our own understanding of who we are and what it means to be on a journey of the soul.

Rene Wadlow

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