It's hard to love someone who hurts your children

My son, Adi is on a bus home from the Eastern shore of VA.. We live in Michigan, and there are NO jobs to be found for love nor money. We sent Adi to Va. to live w/ my sister and brother. There, Adi would be likely employed at either Tyson or Purdue. For some unknown reason, my siblings were disrespectful to my son. They made him feel so bad that he would call me at night crying. He is a 24 year old man. He had a 10 o'clock curfew. No reason, just "My way or the highway". He kept soda bottles so he could pee in them so he didn't have to leave his bedroom. He was humiliated and made to feel so frustrated and hopeless that he often spoke of suicide. I am not kidding. It was always some little thing, some crazy RULE that they made up- always something to let him know that he was ----I don't know what they hell they wanted him to feel. I DO know how he ended up feeling. Adi felt like he was trapped inside a David Lynch movie. Adi was in VA for 7 weeks.

These people keep a perfectly potty-trained Black Lab puppy in their bathroom for 22 of 24 hours in a day. The dog is weird now- not like a normal puppy. sick.

I am so hurt and angry. My husband is furious! I want to find the lesson here. I want to love and forgive and try to understand. BUT! I AM Momma Bear. YOU DO NOT MESS WITH MY CHILDREN!

A wise man said that all people are our teachers. I hope I am still teachable, especially after I hold my son in my arms and hear the whole story one awful day at a time.

How should I handle this? These are the kind of folks who hold their ignorance close, like a beloved cloak about them. They marvel at how well they look. They also hang up the phone on me when ever I get a bit too "real".


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