Insights into the Ishtadevata - alignment with Deity

Deities, like humans, have different characteristics.  The energy/shakti of some deities is very ‘yang’, powerful, while others are gentle, their energy permeates through your bodies like a gentle wave that washes over you, cooling you, as you lie on the sand in shallow water.  When a relationship has developed between the disciple and their 'Ishtadevata' the personal deity, occult obedience is the first rule that must, at all costs, be understood.  For instance, during some meditation you find yourself faced with a dilemma and ask your ‘Ishtadevata’ the deity, for some insight.  You recognize the flashing forth of an answer, but the answer is not what you expected.  In fact, you find the application or directions you just received makes you feel uncomfortable, and you sense difficulties.  This is where ‘occult obedience’, and ‘viveka’ or a spiritual inner discrimination comes into play. That which feels uncomfortable is the personality, not your Essential Nature.  You stand aside from the personality, and obey the deity.  A deity can see possibilities from the higher plane of awareness and “knows”.  If you decide not to follow the instructions received from the deity, the deity will pull away and become distant from you immediately.  Deities are not sentimental. All this is part of the process of initiation, and based on occult law.  The Master watches all one’s efforts and choices, and can tell whether a disciple is trustworthy, who will serve in the work of the Hierarchy.

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Comment by Cyrus Ryan on June 20, 2020 at 10:45pm

Thank you for your comment, you have some good insights. The only thing that I would mention is your misunderstanding of the aspect of 'occult obedience' which you mention as 'blind obedience'.  At this level, there is no 'blind obedience', as the seer/yogi is an awakened, conscious being and understands the laws of the 'higher nature' and that obedience for them, really implies, an harmonious relationship with knowledge of the rules of  higher worlds or deities, as in this case, and what is correct or necessary behavior. Its like if you were being presented to the Queen, you would be told the protocols of behavior when in her presence, if you failed to follow 'obediently' you'd be thrown out instantly. Also, a deity or Master of Wisdom is nothing like the new age idea of a 'spirit guide',which most often is one's subconscious or some lowly astral shell trying to re-contact with the physical plane, and as you say, may or may not speak to us with purity. With a Master of Wisdom or deity, there is no chance of that, the contact will always be uplifting, pure, and energizing.    

Comment by Unseeking Seeker on June 20, 2020 at 3:04am

Quite appreciate what is said ... I know of people who are connected or channelled to ... let us say, higher beings, more evolved. Tantric practices for example, rely upon Shakti, the feminine aspect of Shiva to awaken the energy within from root to crown. Some of them then get connected or aligned with manifested aspects of the Goddess.

The aspect of ‘occult obedience’ however possibly requires a relationship of implicit and unconditional trust between us and the ‘other’, be it a deity or guru, whether visible or invisible. Now, if that be so, we may say that doubts too cease, since lower mind has vaporised, so to speak. We are in alignment and there is no conflict.

This actually is in sync with what has been said in the original post. The ‘personality’ or lower mind rests and our ‘essential nature’ or higher mind is active, in resonance with universal consciousness. The only subtle ‘disagreement’ lies in the condition requiring blind obedience, which seems to suggest an application of effort by a doer so doing, unwillingly, we may add, ostensibly for getting to a personal awakening and measurable enablement.

It is of course indeed a blessing to be so graced to be connected telepathically or even visually/ vibrationally with our spirit guide or adept, whosoever the Universe provides, as & when needed. In my view, the ‘higher being’ chooses to persuade us gently, rather than imposing a doctrine. We must choose voluntarily and by free will, to imbibe & assimilate the learning in permanence. Love being Gods all encompassing vibration, employs no force. We hear it always within, as the voice of our conscience.

Having said this, I am in agreement with and all for the guidance received from our spirit guides. A quick reality check is to see if it expands or contracts our consciousness. For, we may or may not always be getting inputs from an entity that speaks to us with purity of loving & benevolent intent.

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