This isn't so much about what time is, but what it could be.  We generally assume that time is a linear or causally dependent function where things happen in sequence.  What other ways are there that time could work?

Time is a power of the infinite ,so as in all matters of the infinite it is a power (the importance of this cannot be overstressed) - we should not see it as straight or curved or waviform etc - because it is a matter of our perception which is very wrong - we even do not know how animals view time , we superimpose our perceptions and ''assume'' that they also experience time as we do , This is very wrong - Time is a universal phenomenon applicable to stars and planets and other celestial objects also. Again our notions of cause and effect also vitiates the proper perception of time . One thing to be understood clearly is that - Time has no action - it does not per se 'do work'' as in our normal way of . popular usage of the idea . It is an inferential power , only perceptible through the observed changes in phenomena .It has a pattern like all powers of the infinite which do not have action - it has no agency (an agent has an instrument ) . Passage of time is known by the changes in objects - it is only language that is the basis for this perception of time . In time nothing happens in a sequence - though everything happens in time. everything stands in time and space but it would be wrong to say that time and space stand in everything also - there is an error in reasoning from the intellect . Both time and space pervade all objects (by their subtlety) - and in no way do they ''touch'' the object . It is known as ''Asparsha'' or unconnected with the object (from their level ). The peculiarity of grosser elements like earth is that they are subject to all the other powers subtler than itself . but is incapable of affecting the powers of those elements . Again actions ''truncate'' time -in that they have a beginning and end - whereas truncation of time is not possible . So within our lives the total time that we live which actually is untruncated , We truncate them with actions - now even if a person does no action - there are a few over which he has no control viz, Eating,Sleeping(it is also an action) defecating , and blinking of eyes , going and coming (legs) standing ,yawning etc. - these are involuntary acts in all sentient, moving animals. These do not go to make karma , and unlike argumentative philosophers and thinkers say they are totally instinctive and personal choice is not there in these actions and so they are totally ego less actions as they are choiceless. 
I would be more comfortable with the word ''cognition'' rather than perception since normal sense perception is again cognized by ourselves and the degree of knowledge that we have determines cognition . Actually these things like truncation of time choicelessly and how we mix it up with actions over which we have choice and our wrong notions are the subject matter of Maya - in truth for a person of knowledge there is no maya - it is also knowledge only. 
Everyone knows that when you look up at a star you are looking forward into space and backward in time . So the meditation or cogitation on infinite space depends on which stand you take - do you consider yourself as an infinite being or an embodied being - it will determine the outcome of the result also . In metaphysics it is a must one must at the least believe himself to be spirit - whether he sees spirit as a cloud or gas or air or ethereal or whatever the texture , it is better than being the body and then thinking on the world . One has to support with reasoning and proper thinking that one is not the body - just making a resolve that ''I am not the body'' and then meditating is delusionary - there is no conviction in the statement and the intellect will not yield as intent is known to it.
Time is what you call shakthi or power it is not male or female . Whilst on the subject of time we spoil our cognition by thinking of time as flowing and other rubbish - the arts and artists have doen great disservice to mankind by paintings which are painful in the light of truth . Poets are sublime but they are crass when it comes to honesty in perception.
Did you know that cognition is affected depending on the nature of a person ? and also the eye balls its size , the blinking of eyelids , our breathing which is a sure indication of the rate of metabolism ? and the language that we speak ? Even our understanding is affected by the language that we speak , some languages are more expressive than others and so the knowledge or information contained in a word of that language is much more than other languages. In english  call it as colourful languages . Idiomatic language like chinese packs a lot of punch .
One wonders what Einstien was subject to by the infinite at that precise time he realized that space could be warped (ie time etc) . There is no end to the divine comedy as all our prior experiences colour perception - and the infinite revels in seeing itself in error . Feelings and thoughts also truncate time - they are the actual actions which are more damaging to the soul. We are strange creatures - when a person says feelings have to be eradicated - the cliched and perennially uncreative intellect makes us believe that we have to be zombies or automatons and impersonal - we dream an impossible state of affairs and run away from true knowledge  in time .
Time works wonders - forgetting is an aspect of time, healing is an aspect of time, life is an aspect of time , feeling of being alive is an aspect of time , enjoyment is an aspect of time , desire is an aspect of time . One should meditate on   - time as an idea and feeling within oneself from two angles  one is situating oneself ''beyond time'' and the other situating oneself ''within time'' and check which of it is true and life enhancing.

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