Greetings to everyone from Theosophy.Net

2010 was an exciting year and we have accomplished much.  Let's take a look at where we've been.

We have pursued a strategy of producing freely available core writings within the Theosophical tradition, including:

  • The Theosophist - under HPB's Editorship
  • Lucifer - by HP Blavatsky/Mabel Collins/Annie Besant
  • A series of reference works in conjunction with the Stanzas of Dzyan research project.  Not only do these works include specific documents from various traditions, but they also include content generated by Theosophy.Net members.
  • The beginning entry in the David Reigle Sanskrit Text Archives.  This project promises to attract the attention of many major scholars in the Buddhist / Jaina / Hindu traditions.  There are many texts which are extremely rare and only extant in major institutions such as Harvard or Yale.  This will be a huge boon to all students of these traditions and the academic community as a whole.

In addition, we have seen the start of a truly major endeavor, which has attracted the very finest minds in the movement and the attention of many others who are interested in the work of HPB.  This is the Stanzas of Dzyan research project.  Led by David Reigle, the Stanzas of Dzyan project has uncovered a lot of territory. It has led to some interesting insights and will eventually lead to a place where we can start engaging the Buddhist and academic communities with facts that demand attention.  David and the entire group has worked long, hard and tirelessly to take our research capabilities to the next level.

Also, we have started the TheosWiki, a community of user generated content.  Martin Euser is heading up this effort.  Please engage Martin with your ideas and take the time to generate some content.

Speaking of Martin, a special note needs to be made of a contribution that he has made to the movement, the full effect which may not be realized for years.  He has pioneered the concept of Open Source Theosophy.  This is the single greatest paradigm shift in the movement in over a hundred years.  In this sense, he can, and should be cited as one of the great innovators in the movement.

Additionally, we are deeply indebted to Marc Demarest and the role that he has played in the various document projects, from the Theosophist and Lucifer to our ongoing projects.  His kind advice, wise counsel and immense technical abilities have been nothing less than spectacular.  His activity also serves to represent a first step in our connecting with other parts of the tradition which the theosophical movement is part of.  Coining a new term, we shall call this the Esoteric Awakening, to denote the time, from the early 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th Century when the old knowledge was finally allowed to be talked and written about publicly.

In addition, we want to thank every one of you who reads, posts and otherwise chooses to spend your time here.  We will always maintain a focus on what you want, and in return we want to hear from you.  This is not an idle statement.  We are fanatical about making this site a safe and interesting experience and a really great part of your day.

Finally, we have made a change.  Our Introductory Statement has changed.  When Theosophy.Net started, it was truly an experiment.  It still is and always will be.  It is important to understand that fact.  We have changed and we have learned and we will keep learning.  Our Introductory reflects those learnings and sets the tone for all who take part by saying "this is how we do what we do". We still aim to be that mix between HPB's Theosophist and Wired Magazine.

This journey is all about imagination.  It is about thinking as if the box doesn't exist and it is about trying and not being afraid to fail.  This is our sandbox and we're here to play!  2011 here we come!


Happy New Year!


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Comment by Leila Becquer on January 1, 2011 at 8:12pm
Congratulations and many thanks for all that hard work!

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