It is said you line up ten people and give a word to the first person and when that word gets to the tenth person, it is not the original word understood. In any group endeavor it is best to have a group goal that all can understand, or even a group word or phrase explains all. I can see the group diversity focused on creating a new idea using known facts. Unless the group principles are focused on it, it will bring divisiveness to the main focus of the group. 

Can there be a singular thought from a group structure? One can have ambiguous meanings like just one word or paraphrase. What ever the singular word or paraphrase is, like the word theosophy, the many words that make up the one word must be focused on the overall understanding of trying to find a needle in a haystack analogy ,so all may agree to it. Like the word God meaning deity or one without reference to other deities. The same goes with group thinking or systems thinking.

The focus is not to stay diverse, but to bring together one overall word paraphrase or singular meaning to the forefront of the diverse action. The word theosophy in itself is a excellent start. It has been studied and organized to give a overall singular meaning to the diversity of the word alone. The bible is connected by the old and new testaments. The old is the historical events and the new is the modified future events.

Therefore at least two premises have to be evolved in singling out diverse thoughts and forming them into one overall thought. I hope this helps. Paul

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