“The Spiritual journey begins not by reading but by not reading; not by listening but by not listening; not by thinking but by not thinking; not by changing yourself but by not changing your Self.”—General Theosophy

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Comment by Emmanuel Ikan Astillero on September 22, 2012 at 10:09pm

This Gen Theos #82 is Zen Buddhism: "clapping w/one hand". This statement is a paradox of the paradoxes. If affirms what the Buddha said: "meditate with the mind empty." Reading, listening, and thinking are mental activities using the Lower Manas. W/the mind disabled by this paradox, the activity "goes upward" to the Higher Manas/Buddhi/Atman - thus resulting in change. That last phrase in the paradox, about "changing and not changing" will come without mental action. It will be intuitivce.

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