“St. Anselm’s motto: ‘Faith Seeking Understanding.’ The Theosopher’s motto: ‘Understanding Seeking Faith.’ . . . since it is often hard to convince even oneself that such a psycho-meditating, analogy-crafting, intuition-judging epistemology can really be valid. . . .”—General Theosophy

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Comment by Hari Menon on September 7, 2012 at 1:03am

Dear Richard,

   What we have been given to understand about faith is that the more you come to know of a thing unseen the more the faith increases - till it becomes almost tangible , almost like touching a person. The faith that we attribute to the word as it is seen or understood in this world is nothing compared to the growth in faith that comes with an inner instruction - faith is not dancing like a dervish or singing songs - It is knowledge alone which confers faith - faith that is more unshakeable than a mountain. And knowledge the word that I am using is NOT the knowledge of objects it is the knowledge of a non-object . Secondary sources of knowledge or knowledge that is the result of evidences or proofs are but knowledge of an "object" and is temporary . Never eternal . It is a considered fact that Nothing can be an object of its own search - ie. this is applicable only to Rational and Sentient (in other words  Conscious entities) . Which means Human beings only - animals do not come under ratiocinating entities. A person can never be the object of his own search - the subject can NEVER be an object , It is to the Intellect that the realization  I am Infinite or Brahman or what ever happens . Never to the ego reflected in the intellect .It is eternal and pure and complete always - the errors of in the intellect is what distorts it

.One can know Ones own ego (by reflection - I mean  an "Inverted Perspective" and not a perverted perspective) Just as one looks in a mirror and says the reflection is himself - It is not a fact there is only an apparent connection and not a real one - Because : Blemishes on a mirror will affect the image reflected and reflect things that are not in the original source, More over what a person of gross intellect perceives is HIS image and Identifies with it because he is conscious (One of the qualities of Conciousness is that it gets Identified with what ever is perceived ) What he actually perceives is the mirror . We tend to forget the mirror and zoom in on the image . Put a dog in front of a mirror or any animal it will act as if it has seen another of its species and not stand to admire the image. Animals ego are part of the cosmic . An animal does not know that it is a dog or a cat  or a monkey or an Elephant - and so it should be for us - unconditioning is not easy - it requires a keen intellect and incisive knowledge - not mere thinking and quoting somebody else - You have a body and pride it is you , it has been given by your parents - there has been no choice for you , a name, religion,language  circumstances, country , tribe , gender non of which you have any choice in - yet like some witness protection programme  all of us  "Assume"" Identity and slip all so easily into the role without even knowing who  or what we  are . And still persist in roaming into the by lanes of thought and reaching interminable cul -de sacs , staring at the wall and still wondering . 

The (inner enquiry) is to be done in relation to oneself and to "a something '' which may be there or not and in words and conciousness considered as an object though knowing it not to be so.

  What is Conciousness ? What is its real Nature , what is Knowledge Through the Intellect , What is Forgetting ? What is Dream and Memmory ? What is Existence , Being, Intelligence - have I got to rework my own conceptual Ideanations of these words ? How are they related to the word God ? I S the word God inclusive or Exclusive of these ? What is the Knower ? Known ? and Knowing ? How is it connected to my Ideas of Perception ? What is the mind ? What is the Intellect ? What are our senses ? By what does a man stand and move ? By what is it that we use our limbs without willing ? How do I perceive my body completely without even thinking ? Why is it so ? would the mind be so ? Is the mind an Agent (ie sentient) or my own instrument - if not then who am I ? . 

A science what ever it is becomes a science only when there has been suffiucient prior thoughts relating to it and can be aggregated reasonably into one body  dealing with the same things - Implying that the beginnings of every science has been from some generalities which have been accepted as particular axioms pertinent to that science - and all prior thoughts are considered as primitive and hence an exegesis done of it . These thoughts are more general and axiomatic . Ideas flow from top bottom - It has its genesis in the intellect of man and descends to the mind and then to the world - A man who lives and identifies himself with the body is far far inferior to the man who operates from  his mind who is far more inferior to the man who works from the intellect which is far more inferior to the man who is placed and works and lives in the self.

A person can live as a self realized person and still live as a normal person , passing off as an ordinary person without anyone ever knowing him . He is a person who has understood the  gifts of reasoning, Intelligence and the possession of a human body . and has no forgetting - he has impeccable memory and is left in no doubt as to the posssession of Intelligence ,Reason, Conciousness,Memory,and Will in infinity.

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