"With transcendental subjects, it is at least more honest to live with merely humble intimations you cannot quite shake than with smug, detailed beliefs you cannot quite support."—General Theosophy

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Comment by ERIC STEWART MCGOUGH on April 23, 2017 at 8:59pm

In my life i have had many spiritual experiences (what would have to called outer world-magical and impossible)

And nothing makes sence of them or my life more than theosophy,how much more prof of life before and after life could i need after meeting my daughter before she was born and proving it to my family,not only that that vivid dream,told me things im still realising as they come up now 32 year later.

brought up by theosophists i never subscribed to the idea,but i was taurt life is a personal evolution,(if only kids of today just got that much) and in order to do that,i had to look deeper into things that happen,you could say a selfless view,the other side,,add that to spiritual events happening,and even small enlightenment events where i am everything else when i drop being stu,and seeing different planes and environments,i can only conclude the map that theosophy draws must be correct it seems to be the only scientifically mapped religion,thery of lifes perpose going,,stu

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