Friend's "Dancers' Tarot" Project Almost Out of Time on Kickstarter

If it is not rude, I thought I would pass along a message from  a friend (I do think it might be of interest to a number of people here). The linked Kickstarter has an informational video and an artist's statement. Moti is a great soul, a wonderful person.


"The Dancers Tarot"


Dear friends,

    I'm in the final days of my Kickstarter fundraiser for "The Dancers Tarot" -- a deck of tarot cards with photos of dancers to represent the archetypes. Thank you to the 140 people who have already pledged a total of $4500!! It is amazing to me what is possible when people come together in support of the arts.

    You can watch the project video, read all about it, & help out here:

    I have 3 more days to raise $2000. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing system: I only get the money that has been pledged if I reach my entire funding goal by June 5th. Backers (at any level) get rewards; for $50 you get a copy of the completed deck! If 40 more people pledge $50 each, the fundraiser will be a success!

    Thanks for any support you are able to offer! Even a few dollars helps. Help spread the word by telling a friend, tweeting about it, or linking to my project on facebook.

    In Gratitude,
    Moti Zemelman

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